Why Animal Testing is Unjust in A Multitude of Ways

Why Animal Testing is Unjust in A Multitude of Ways
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

Animal testing is unjust in a multitude of ways. Not only are people testing on a subject that cannot object to being pricked at and killed, but they are also subjecting a living thing to pain and often illness and death. Animal testing is just as wrong as it would be to test on a human unwillingly, animals cannot give consent to these tests, meaning they should not be subjected to them. This confronts the issue of animal cruelty; it is also a reason that many brands that have been told to follow through with this form of animal cruelty are losing their consumers. It is just as cruel to subject an animal to abuse, just as it is to subject a human to it. The animal cannot speak for itself and because of that, the automatic answer should and always will be no. 

These animals are being ripped from their homes, families, and their surroundings by people who want to earn money off their atrocious acts toward innocent creatures. Animals cannot fight for themselves; they cannot tell scientists no, just as a human under the influence of drugs cannot give consent, neither can the animals being placed into these circumstances. Almost 22 million animals are subjected to testing a year, which means that all of those animals are being subjected to abuse and cruelty daily, for things that are not always effective. 

These experiments are often unreliable, animals do not get many of the diseases humans can have, nor will they react the way humans do. Instead, scientists artificially represent these diseases in animals, but these methods are not full proof. A person’s disease or illness cannot be completely replicated, as the complexity of each illness or disease is far too much for one artificial remake to be satisfactory. Many treatments said to work on animals, rarely work on humans and there is a reason for that. Animals and humans are not the same, even the closely related animal counterparts still have many differences to humans. Humans cannot be replicated by animals and vice versa. 

In conclusion, animal testing is unjust and should not be supported nor continued. It is a wicked and cruel way of completing experiments that often do not work. When these animal-tested medicines or products are brought to humans, they are more likely to be dangerous to them. Animal testing is not full proof and for that and its unconditioned cruelty, it should not be justifiable by any means. 

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