Why Barack Obama Should Win the 2021 Living Legacy Award

Why Barack Obama Should Win the 2021 Living Legacy Award
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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones we seek.” (cite marcus website) Barack Obama spoke these words during his 2008 presidential campaign. He used these words to inspire hope into the hearts of Americans during a time of economic recession. Obama proves himself to be one of many empathetic people who are devoted to making the world a better place not only with their bark but also with their bite. 

Every year, the World Improvement Organization seeks out one member of society that has worked toward and represents a positive change. This organization presents the individual selected with an award to commemorate their hard work, entitled the Living Legacy Award. Thousands of people worldwide have proven themselves worthy of the honor, however, only one may win. Barack Obama has proven himself to be the most worthy candidate in numerous ways. Through-out his early existence and through his presidency to this day, Barack Obama selects multiple paths to go down to do anything he can to better the times we live in. Although a myriad of heartfelt people help progress society all over the world through astonishing hard-work, Barack Obama should receive the 2021 Living Legacy Award because of his passion to improve the future times of others around him.

Within Barack Obama's ardor for knowledge, he shares his love of learning with youth in his actions to boost educational systems. For example, children of low-income families are less likely to be at the level of social and educational development needed to succeed in early schooling, largely due to parents being unable to afford the pre-kindergarten education to set them on the right track (Lamy). Barack Obama had compassion for these children and decided to take part in advancing towards a solution. He knew how a low-income situation and not having access to the proper tools felt like. Keeping this in mind, President Obama proposed a series of new investments, which resulted in receiving A $500 million grant opportunity, toward programs such as Head Start, which give voluntary home visits with children to provide inexpensive access to school preparation, to establish a high-quality pre-education for the youth before kindergarten. (“Fact Sheet”). Specifically, grants decrease the gap of readiness for children premature to kindergarten and let them reach the acquired skills. As a result, receiving investments for programs such as Head Start help families destress about having their kids on a steady pace towards succession without worrying about the cost. Children benefit in increasing their skills of childhood development in having access to these stimulating experiences. Not only schools have witnessed the positive effects, parents in possession of young ones observe a turn for the better in the required skills of children, results of Obama’s actions to fund Head-Start Programs. To illustrate, a sense of relief, brought from Obama’s Administration grants, are welcomed into the homes of families knowing in their hearts learning delays and disadvantages will not last into adult life.  In conclusion, Barack’s steps toward improving the start of each individual’s life, however, appeared as only one occasion he has proved that he should win the 2021 Living Legacy Award.

 In addition to devoting his time towards childhood education, Barack Obama assists in bringing well-needed recognition to the issue of gender inequality by expressing his emotional sentiments in any way he can. For instance, in 2009 Former President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, giving the women who experience a lower wage income than men who work the same hours and jobs, the choice to sue their employer after they obtain evidence of the discrimination (Glastris). Women constantly struggle with the difficulties of injustice for equality. Obama recognizes these difficult times for women and refuses to be a bystander. In signing this act, Obama shows his gratitude toward women and their abilities to do what they set their minds to. In addition to Barack Obama’s eminent ability to pass effective legislation, he also uses his ability of speech to persuade and inspire others to follow him to the path of gender equality. He had written in a statement to the American people on International Women's Day the following, “This gap between women's inherent value and how many of them are treated every day is one of the great injustices of our time. On this International Women's Day, we recommit ourselves to closing that gap.” (cite). He clearly states a problem such as the disproportionate treatment between women and their value. He then goes on to dedicate himself and encourage others to dedicate themselves to closing that gap and giving women the respect they have deserved for centuries now. Barack Obama has done wonders for the female community through both the pen and the art of the word. He has dwindled the plague of inequality and made the world one step closer to a cure proving himself worthy of the 2021 Living Legacy Award.

Admittedly, Barack Obama has shown poor judgment in the past by pursuing disgraceful habits. During his teenage years, Obama had rebellious influential actions such as experimenting with drugs, distinctively marijuana and cocaine (Sapet). Furthermore, he developed a drinking habit that follows for years to come (Devaney). His mother was at loss for words over the lack of judgment and maturity Barack was putting out. He was without a doubt negatively influencing teens and people around him by showing this level of immature behavior at such a young stage in life. Nevertheless, Obama has proven to overcome his discriminating habits and showcase positively influential actions. In 2010 The Obama Administration emphasized the Open Doors Policy, a policy centered around preventing homelessness and the engagement of juvenile crimes. Open Doors was one of several higher-level mature decisions during his life.  During his Pre-Presidency period, he helped organize residents for neighborhood cleanups and crime watch programs in hopes of decreasing the number of kids on the streets (Devaney).  Moreover, he moved along to inspire teens to get off the streets and to better themselves by finding a passion and sticking with it so they did not end up in a worse situation than he. Barack realizes, from living a similar childhood, the impact of not having a sustainable home has on young teens. As a result, he started a journey in which he proved to have matured into a great influence on teens despite the fact of having chosen immature choices earlier on. poor choices in the past. Withholding these details, Barack Obama has indeed proven to show his passion for indulging in actions to positively impact others’ lives, therefore, deserving The 2021 Living Legacy Award. 

All in all, Former President Obama has part-taken in several prominent rises and causes throughout his life, in and out of office. Each cause and stand he commits to significantly impact thousands of lives all over the world. Obama has proven time and time again he will go above and beyond to take the precautions to positively influence the lives of others. His level of passion for bringing hope and excitement of oncoming change to human-beings around the globe surpasses that of other candidates.  From rising against women’s discrimination to improving educational opportunities, Barack Obama has substantiated himself as more than worthy of the 2021 Living Legacy Award.

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