Why did Donald Trump express an interest in buying Greenland?

Why did Donald Trump express an interest in buying Greenland?
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In 2019 Donald Trump expressed an interest in buying Greenland, however his offer was turned down by Greenland’s Prime Minister. The Prime Minister assumed that Greenland is not for sale, however for over a year Donald Trump has still been very desperate on buying Greenland.There are many different reasons to why Donald Trump is remarkably fascinated about buying Greenland. Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland. The territory comprises the island of Greenland is the largest island in the world. 

I personally think that he is indeed very curious and smart and wants to take advantage of Greenland in a geopolitical way. I think this because Greenland is extremely resourceful. You may be intentionally wondering “Well why is it? It’s just covered in ice and is sparsely populated?”There is no right or wrong answer/opinion towards this exact statement, as long as you can identify and justify the reasons why you think this! 

To begin with from all the information and facts I have searched up, I found some very interesting facts about Greenland. From how sparsely populated it is, to how resourceful and how enormous Greenland really is!Firstly I strongly disagree that it is Greenland's interest for America/USA to buy the island,because the Arctic is the only continent on earth that is barely polluted which is a great bonus.However this is clearly not Donald Trump's intention, he mentioned that he does not believe in climate change which proves another point to why  

The Prime Minister of Greenland does not want to let him take over/buy Greenland.In addition there are many other reasons to why Donald Trump is so determined to buy Greenland.To follow on , 13 % of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves are located in Greenland. A really interesting fact is that the whole Arctic (not just Greenland) In terms of oil, it’s estimated that the Arctic has 90 billion barrels of oil that is yet to be discovered. That’s equal to 5.9% of the world’s known oil reserves, about 110% of Russia’s current oil reserves, or 339% of U.S. reserves. 

Considering the fact of how many barrels of oil is found in Greenland, those oils barrels are located on the west side of Greenland which occasionally means that those barrels are located on the West side off-shore where the sun rises.In addition to gather all the information we can describe Greenland as , Greenland has sustainable gases and natural resources that can be found. However if they are found and if Greenland is brought by Donald Trump then this could and will have a huge problem cause for climate change. Meaning that if we run even more from resources that are supplied at the arctic, this means that icicles will start melting even more and we are technically taking away liquids and gasses from the earth which is a negative effect. By negative effect I meant that if we continue using those gasses then we will eventually run out and have nothing else to replace them with.It does indeed harm the earth on one hand because we are taking the absorbents it needs in order for plants and trees to grow. 

I think that Greenland’s Prime Minister did more than an amazing job for not selling Greenland. In conclusion if she did sell Greenland, Donald Trump does not care about climate change and what I predict that he will do is he will definitely use all those gases and materials provided in Greenland which will lead to serious issues that will probably be unstoppable. You may now be questioning yourself “ Well so what gases and liquids do we replace oil and natural resources with?” This is a huge question that is a problem, however yes indeed I am pretty sure that there are many different ways of solving this problem without harming our planet earth. Although it would take a while for scientists to solve this problem. What I am trying to say is that we can make sustainable resources that we know will be available for us in the future.

On one hand Greenland has so many different advantages for example it has natural resources and it is the biggest island on earth.Its area is 2,166,086 km 2  which if you think about it it is a large area which can be used for building hotels and many others. Greenland also has and is supplied with seafood and crude oils which are hard to find. This can make Greenland an advantage however if someone does buy Greenland then it’s whole beauty, ice, natural resources will be gone for sure. There is quite a lot of tourism in Greenland however if more constructions are made then there will be more tourists which will cause more pollution and harm to animals. 

Even though on the left hand Greenland is a disadvantage because yes it is supplied with natural resources and crude oils however it is only ice and there aren't a lot of buildings around. In other words it is mostly empty which leads us to population. Greenland has a population of about 57,000 people which is barely anything. This means that there wouldn’t be much trading and possibly some places may not have access to WiFi /networks. 

To conclude the whole situation I think that The Prime Minister did a fabulous job for not selling Greenland and I personally think that Greenland and the Arctic shouldn’t be allowed to sell them anyways due to climate change and political events.This is a really interesting event and it was really interesting to see how Trump does not care about the earth and the impacts on it, all he really cares about is money,power and leadership but he does not have any interests in helping countries out in a positive way!


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