Why Electric Bikes are The Ideal Mode of Transportation for College Students?

Why Electric Bikes are The Ideal Mode of Transportation for College Students?
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

No money. No parking. No sleep. Not only are these phrases insight into the glamorous life of a college student, but they are also reasons electric bikes are the ideal mode of transportation for college students. While everything is on a case-by-case basis, I have yet to meet a University student who has all three of the aforementioned attributes. The lack of stability is not a bad thing, in fact, it is a necessary stage of life for self-exploration and growth. That is not to say if a solution for these ailments presented itself it should be passed up. The phrases seem abstract to be connected to the benefits of an electric bike but they connect in simple yet logical ways.

Even with a car on campus most students simply can’t afford to drive everywhere they need to be, no matter the distance. In one of the first signs of blossoming adulthood gas price complaints become a topic of conversation due to their looming presence. How should a group of humans living off of ramen be expected to fill their tank every few weeks? Even students with jobs cannot always afford to spend their living expenses cash on gas for their car. In this instance, as well as a few others that will be discussed, an electric bike is the more practical option for students. Not only are electric bikes better for the environment than mom’s hand-me-down minivan, but they are also better for the deflated wallet lost in the bottom of a backpack. 

Besides their practicality, electric bikes have another advantage over cars; they take up less space. Universities cramming students into spaces is not an unheard-of phenomenon, you don't have to look any further than the dorms to see space is not a luxury afforded to most on campus. It may be a good thing that cars do not receive more accommodations from schools than the students, but it is also a large inconvenience. Campus’ are notorious for not providing ample parking. Imagine driving to class, you have ten minutes to go, and then bam. There is no parking. Now imagine arriving on campus on your electric bike and parking in a designated bike area, usually next to buildings as opposed to a hike across campus to a car lot. The use of electric bikes on campus would provide benefits to both individuals and communities. Individuals can eliminate the stress of making engagements on time due to lack of space while the community as a whole will have more space to live in. 

So far the observations regarding the benefit of electric bikes on campus may appear ridiculous to a sizable population of college students. Why should a student who does not have a car care about an electronic bike’s convenience? Not only are electric bikes a great option for irritated drivers, but they are also beneficial to an exhausted student commuting to class on foot. Even with the daily iced coffee in hand, the trek to campus can be intimidating. A student running on a few hours of sleep and a few minutes late to class is destined to have some attitude in their step that carries into the classroom. Luckily there are options. Biking to class is faster than walking, what’s even faster than biking however is taking an electric bike. More speed, less work. What more could a slightly unmotivated student ask for? There is no excuse to miss that 8:00 am lecture now.

When families visit campus the students gaze on longingly, remembering their own youth. Now that we are all so old running around is but a distant memory. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic but our bodies are in peak condition, and now is a great time to develop healthy habits for later. Electric bikes support these healthy habits with the exercise they provide while also protecting our bodies as they age. The pedaling assistance that electric bikes provide are contributors to both speed and reducing the impact pedaling has on hardworking joints such as the knees. The pedal assist does not mean that biking is not exercise, while the pedaling becomes easier the body is still working to move the bike and is more likely to last longer distances with the reduced strain.

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