Why Failure Is Good For Success?

Why Failure Is Good For Success?
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For a while, the praise of our upcoming projects gets the better of us if we don’t focus on the consequences of it. Until that work has failed, then we wonder where did we go wrong?  We went wrong when we ignored being considerate of how other people would view it. Failure can affect some of us people who will give up too easily while other people will try to resolve their problems. If we don’t resolve the problem, then we haven’t experienced true failure since we gave up quickly. Having nonconformity is very valuable, helping us grow from our past mistakes to become better individuals. Developing growth will allow us to experience true failure and learn not to repeat the same mistakes.   

Many individuals have been through the process of failure and then moved forward from their past mistakes. Some successful businessmen who have developed to reach their goals must have been nonconformists. According to the essay “Happiness Is a Glass Half Empty” by Oliver Burkeman, other successful businessmen who have been through failure, choose to “rather avoid confronting that fact” (2). They may believe that it is easier to ignore owning up to their failure and move past them. However, this action will result in them having less expertise to fix any issue if a problem like this arises again.   

A businessperson who is self-reliant in their tasks would sometimes refuse the help of their co-workers. By refusing any assistance, they could not be aware of their own mistakes if no one can review what they’ve done. According to the excerpt “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, he suggests that a man should be a “nonconformist. He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness; but must explore if it be goodness” (2). For a man to be a nonconformist he must review his mistakes beforehand presenting his ideas to the public. Besides, a man receiving feedback from his mistake can make him focus on the bigger picture and help him achieve better things.  

Failure is a kind of moral which someone can achieve greater things from the experience of what they did wrong to focus on what they can do right. For instance, I knew a person who lost everything until they learned from their mistakes and would never let history repeat itself. That person used to be selfish and was fired for fraud from their job. Later, they decided to turn their life around by working hard to have a stable living and would never commit any crime again. Today they are more mature and are fully committed to doing the right thing and providing their family with enough resources to help them achieve success.    

In conclusion, learning from nonconformity makes us become mature individuals and focusing on the right thing to do. We wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes with the new skills gained from improving on our mistakes in life.

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