Why Fracking Should be Banned (Argumentative Essay)

Why Fracking Should be Banned (Argumentative Essay)
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📌Published: 23 April 2021

Do you know all of the negative effects that fracking has on the environment? Fracking is a process that injects liquid underground to extract oil or gas. This process should be banned because it plays a huge role in climate change. One of the things that fracking has bad effects on is the air quality. Another problem is that fracking causes a shortage of water supply and worsens water quality. Finally, fracking has also resulted in many earthquakes, causing damage to buildings, homes, etc. 

First off, the main pollutant released by fracking is methane. Research has shown that the U.S. oil and gas industry releases 13 million metric tons of methane yearly. Methane is a greenhouse gas that has horrible effects on the environment. NASA wrote an article about Climate Change and Methane Sources which said,” In the 20th century, Methane has been responsible for about 23% of climate change.” Science shows how terrible methane gas is for the environment, yet fracking is still allowed which releases so much of it. If fracking isn’t banned, we will continue to release more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which will only worsen climate change. Some argue that fracking is good because it provides tons of new jobs, lowers energy prices, etc. Although this stuff is true, it still doesn’t invalidate all of the negative consequences which come from fracking. 

Also, the fracking process uses millions of gallons of water every year. An article called “What are the effects of fracking on the environment?" stated that the average amount of water consumed yearly by fracking is 1.5 million gallons. This is causing a water shortage for many homeowners across the globe. Many places like California are already in a drought, and since fracking is using up so much water, it’s only making it worse. There are also chances that the chemicals used in fracking could be leaked into water pipes, which is what people drink their water from. If drinking water is contaminated, it can be harmful to people’s health. Some communities have reported having high levels of carcinogen benzene in underground water supplies. Carcinogen benzene has also proven to be linked with cancer. 

Also, fracking has resulted in various earthquakes around the world. Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, injects lots of water into gas and oil formations underground. This has caused earthquakes in a lot of areas like Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio. An article written by USGS stated, "2% of the earthquakes recorded have been linked to fracking operations." Most of the earthquakes reported from fracking were smaller magnitudes. But once this keeps happening, it can result in much larger earthquakes. You can argue that fracking is a crucial part of the oil industry, but you can’t disagree that fracking is so disastrous for the climate. 

All in all, fracking is horrendously bad for the planet and is consistently wrecking the earth. Climate change is already bad enough, and this is just making it worse. Not only is it causing climate change, but it’s also bad for our health. Nobody wants to drink contaminated water and have a chance of getting cancer. One of the last things someone wants is to be in an earthquake, which could be threatening to our life. This is a terrible issue which is why I believe that all fracking needs to be banned. And by doing so, the earth will become a much cleaner and safer place. Maybe try switching to electric vehicles. Or maybe, using renewable energy like solar panels. If we all help and do our part, we could help put an end to climate change. 

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