Why Homework Isn’t Beneficail (Essay Example)

Why Homework Isn’t Beneficail (Essay Example)
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

When asking if homework is beneficial some would agree and disagree. To much homework can cause lower test scores and others say homework prepares the students. Homework may raise you grade average, but does it help you for standardized tests better than just having a class period about what we need to learn, and what will be on the next test. Having to much homework can cause high stress levels trying to turn everything in from the classes you attend. So is homework beneficial, no.

Homework is something that most teachers give to their students, but while you are doing that homework what if you don’t understand something and you have to turn it in the next day. In a HuffPost article in 2012 Too Much Homework Can Lower Test Scores, Researchers Say | HuffPost by Natalie Wolchover it says, “Inundating children with hours of homework each night is detrimental.” Students shouldn’t have to get home from school and then spend the rest of their night doing more school. Later in that same article is talks about how children could go participate in clubs and activities instead of homework. Even sometimes homework won’t help your grade out. If you have to much your grade could go down because if it. Just because you have more of something doesn’t mean it will always be the best for you. In November 2012 Robert H. Tai a professor at the University of Virginia made and article Study: Homework Doesn’t Mean Better Grades, But Maybe Better Standardized Test Scores | UVA Today (virginia.edu) in this article they don’t talk about how they want to get rid of homework but make it better in a way so that it can help grades and your test scores. In the last paragraph Tai says,” … the purpose of each homework assignment must be clear and targeted.” For people to start benefiting from homework in any way the homework you receive has to be helpful. Tai said this,” … quality over quantity.” If this were the way we tackle the homework issue with that saying more people would have more things to do and be able to benefit in a way. For most students they will agree that with all they have on their plate they can’t handle 1-2 plus hours of homework.

People may say homework is very helpful due to the fact that you are practicing what you learned in school. It shows you can demonstrate what the teacher has just taught. In addition, homework can raise your grade and ready you for upcoming tests. In a Scholastic article; Why Homework Is Important | Scholastic by Jennifer Atkinson she says,” Homework is a time to make connections and reflect; on self, family, and friends…” Homework can be great for challenging students in good ways , but it has its downfall. When doing your homework, you can feel pressured and stressed that you don’t know what you are doing. It can be embarrassing to go into class and have the answers on your homework wrong. There are many other ways you can challenge students without giving out homework including: projects with a group, working outside, making fun games out of what you are learning, etc. School doesn’t have to be a place where students feel stressed they can have fun in their classes with these tactics.

In conclusion to work on the homework problem everyone in the school has to be able to come up with good and successful lesson plans. This will ensure students can enjoy class and remember what was just taught in their class. There is not much to say about how to prepare students for tests and standardized test, but I don’t think homework is the way to go. Many more students will be able to focus better in class without worrying about the homework they have in 5 other classes. Making sure students are prepared is a teachers first job and they have to realize that the amount of homework they give is harsh. Homework may be a big argument but there is a lot of pros to cutting down homework are even eliminating it.

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