Why Honor Code Should Be Revised Essay Example

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  • Published: 08 May 2021
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The reason we have an honor code or system in our schools is to make sure students are getting the grades that they deserve. Such as a student who cheats and doesn’t put in any effort should not get an A, then a student who puts in the hard work and deserves an A. However, the honor code has some flaws in which it serves no use to students. That is why the honor code must be revised just a little bit in order to serve at full capacity. 

When the honor code was introduced in 1998 there was much skepticism all around. All the students opposed what the teachers had them do to prevent cheating like, “Students were expected to report or confront a fellow student if they knew that he/she had cheated, lied, or stolen. Failure to confront or report a student would result in a period of probation. Students opposed this obligation to take action against another student because they did not see it as their responsibility.” As stated in source B this can support the flaws that were in the honor system that made no sense to students to tell others that they cheated which is embarrassing to the student and cheating should be kept confidential. 

Even with the honor code in place, there will always be those who cheat. Those who make their students write a pledge on every test stating that they won’t cheat won’t stop them. As stated in source D, “Students write this on every test in every class during their college career, pledging as their predecessors have since 1842 never to lie, cheat or steal. It's a tradition that's made Thomas Jefferson's school a richer academic environment, students say, as well as an easier place to find lost wallets.” Now even with this tradition at the University of Virginia, they weren’t able to stop students from cheating as it also states, “Since last spring, 157 students have been investigated by their peers in the largest cheating scandal in memory. Thirty-nine of those accused of violating the school's honor code have either dropped out or been expelled.” This proves the fact that the honor code is flawed and cannot even prevent cheating. So it must be revised. 

Now within the honor system, the act of cheating is huge. Especially when students cheat and other students don’t tell the teachers, otherwise known as snitching. As stated in source E there is about 8% of students would not report cheating. There should be 0% but that’s what it is. Now in source E also states that 40% of students have cheated and not been caught. This is a major flaw in which close to half the student body has created. This proves that there are flaws to the honor system and must be revised to fix these problems. 

As you can see the honor system has many flaws. From students who are able to cheat and get away with it to those who follow years of tradition and still cheat. That is why the honor system in schools and colleges must be revised. The main reason for the honor system is to prevent cheating, but must be in a way fair to both the student and the school. However even with all these honor systems, if students are able to cheat then the honor code has not done its job. That is why the honor code or system must be revised in order to serve at 100%.


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