Why Intelligence is more Benefited than Strength

Why Intelligence is more Benefited than Strength
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Given the choice, would you rather be the strongest or most intelligent person alive? If this were possible, then becoming a know-it-all would be more beneficial than becoming a champion weight-lifting athlete, reasons being; excellent job opportunities, better equipped to aid the world around you, and it would prove obsolete if you chose strength because you could gain a well-built body anyways. If you still believe that being the strongest would be the wiser choice then you’re wrong. Therefore, being the most knowledgeable would be the only choice.

One may argue that being the strongest person in the world could provide you with great opportunities for wealth. Some examples include working for the military, personal trainer, wrestling, football, or any other mainstream/live broadcast sport. However, being the most intelligent person in the world could provide you with many more options, leading to even more wealth. An excellent example comes from money.usnews.com, which stated that the highest paying job is a cardiologist, making an estimated $351,827 a year. As a doctor who diagnoses, assesses and treats patients with diseases and defects of the cardiovascular system, they have to retain a lot of new information learned in their many years of schooling.

Moving forward, with one’s knowledge it would be quite easy for them to make up something unheard-of to the world. Being the most intelligent person on the planet, they would be able to achieve a lot more with their lives. They would not only go down in history with their inventions/ideas but influence the world they live in as a whole. An example would be Edward Jenner and their invention of vaccinology, or vaccines. Compared with sports that only provide entertainment, this clever invention has been most beneficial to the world.

If one were to become the smartest in the world, they would have unparalleled knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition. With that same intelligence, hard work, and motivation it would allow for them to build a decent body within the future years to come. With all that previously mentioned wealth, they would use it to create a specifically designed gym for their own needs. What this boils down to is that with being intelligent you could still very well gain a well-built body. While being athletic leads you to only have strength, not allowing for growth in other areas, like intelligence.

In conclusion, that’s why being smart is better than having muscle. Not only would you have excellent job opportunities, but also would be better equipped to aid the world around you. With your intelligence you would be able to obtain the body of your dreams. That being said, being a doctor in these trying times will be so much more beneficial than lifting metal into the sky. Brains over brawns!

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