Why Research Skills Are Necessary for Every Individual?

Why Research Skills Are Necessary for Every Individual?
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

Research skills are necessary for every individual to have in this modern day and age. The competence not only applies to write essays or academic papers but also can be used in a wide range of professional fields. My prior experiences with writing research papers were not up to the level required as far as professionalism is concerned. Additionally, I hope to obtain and know all that is necessary to execute any research papers related to my field effectively as a medical student. I am passionate about science and being able to utilize reliable sources such as google scholars and Scopus might help to find evidence. Besides the fact that searching and writing skills can open up certain avenues in life not only in medicine, writing well is an advantageous skill to have these days for a myriad of reasons. 

One of the causes as to why using google scholars is useful since it assists one to do well not only in the educational field but also professionally. In most learning institutions, there is some level of writing that students are required to undertake. Most institutions have specific guidelines as to what are the requirements concerning the assignments and essays that students have to submit. For example, as a medical student, learners need to possess writing as a future doctor. Therefore, gaining such skills will be the determining factor for one’s excellence in higher learning. 

Equally important, having superior searching and writing skills may be helpful in professional fields as well. In a typical working environment, there is usually correspondence that is written and communicated on a daily basis. Being able to craft these messages clearly and succinctly requires practical searching and writing skills. Some of these communications include some professional reports and also helps with clinical, patient related questions and thinking critically about a situation. For example, the question “why the production of urine odorant after eating asparagus?” According to Pelchat et al (2011), the reason for the asparagus urine remains unknown. While some people smell the odor, others do not. The ability of the odor or the production of the asparagus odorant is due to the allele within an olfactory gene cluster.


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