Why Should We Reduce The Use Of Plastic

Why Should We Reduce The Use Of Plastic
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📌Published: 31 March 2021


Maria took a trip to the beach to visit her family. She was so excited to go to the ocean and swim! However, when she got there a baby sea turtle was lying in the sand with plastic around its neck. She couldn't help but see the pain in its cute little face. To help solve many problems like this, plastic should be reduced from today's society. This material is harmful to animals, mostly sea creatures. They get stuck in the plastic or maybe even try to eat it! Plastic is something many use in everyday situations, and it can be very harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. 

Plastic should be recycled to reduce the amount of substance drifting out into the sea, and in our air. When you dispose of plastic properly, it reduces the amount of material swimming out into the ocean, which lowers the risk of endangering all of its creatures. If you recycle, then there would be less substance in the ocean and more to restore and reuse. When you recycle you are making something new from something that has been used before. Recycling plastic not only saves the sea, but it saves the environment as well. How does it help, well it lowers the emissions of greenhouse gases, which helps the environment in tremendous ways! Even though recycling would be a great idea, it wouldn’t really work the way some people think. In order for recycling to have the best result, you would have to convince everybody in the world to recycle, which will most likely not happen. However, it is good to try. Recycling is efficient when it comes to saving the sea and our environment, so we have to do all that we can to make it work!

Along with recycling, plastic should also be reduced. This way we can have the best result when it comes to the environment. we should reduce the amount of plastic use. Not ban plastic, just reduce it. If we save plastic for more important things such as medical uses, bicycle helmets, etc. it would be a huge help to saving the creatures and our environment! The plastic cups for Mcdonald's aren’t that important, so if fast-food restaurants could find a replacement for plastic it would be a huge help to the environment, especially those tiny sea creatures. Along with burgers, tacos, and fries, fast-food restaurants serve up piles of plastic waste every day. As fast-food chains expand more and more plastic is adding up, which would make it even more important to find alternatives to plastic. On the other hand, some people may not agree with this idea. They may like using plastic, they might find it makes life easier, or it might just be the better option rather than using some other material. No matter what you think, I think we could all agree that sea creatures and us humans are endangered by plastic, and something needs to be done. We all use plastic in our everyday situations, which is very harmful to us and the environment. So as the author of this paper I encourage you to recycle and reduce the amount of plastic you use in your everyday life.

From artificial plastic hearts, to bicycle helmets, and even the keys on your keyboard, plastic is everywhere and we use it every day, but what you don’t realize is how harmful it is. Look around pretty much everything is plastic, but how important are those things, could it have been made out of a different material, or is that thing even that important. I ask myself this question every day, and I can't help but think about that cute little turtle. To prevent tragics like this, we should encourage people to start recycling more and reduce the use of plastic that's not necessarily that important. Even if you're not for reducing plastic nobody would want to see that cute little sea turtle struggling to get plastic off its neck, or worse trying to eat the plastic! Like said before, there are ups and downs of using plastic, but we should do all we can to save the sea creatures and our environment.

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