Why shouldn't people be able to claim land in space?

Why shouldn't people be able to claim land in space?
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Some believe that claiming land in outer space may be irrational. Think of all the fights that could break out for owning one specific piece of land. This can be avoided if people don’t get to claim territory in outer space.

Claiming land in space is expensive. Just to get to space can be a fortune, and the cost to live there. Per person to live in Mr. Musk’s Mars space colony is 500,000 dollars. For my family and I to live in space it will cost 2 million dollars in totality. Article 2 states that “Mr. Musk’s vision for the Mars space colony includes a price tag of 500,000 dollars per person.” As to Musk, he sees this as a “reasonable business case,” I see this as overpriced. Think of all the other expensive payments you’ll have to make to buy equipment to protect your safety, if not fully prepared it could be life-or-death situation maybe even a severely injured one. This can be circumvented if people are prohibited from asserting territory in outer space.

Claiming and living in space is extremely dangerous situations. For instance, space is one of the most extreme environments thinkable. Outer space is exposed to acute temperatures, both cold and hot. Also, radiation hazard is another threat to space being extremely dangerous. Oxygen can be a real peril in space because in space atomic oxygen is one of the conditions. When new to outer space you might get space sickness, this happens because humans' bodies are built to live under the conditions of gravity, weightlessness can also have a role in space sickness. Through these conditions I see outer space as unhabitable.

However, we should explore territory in space to see what benefits we can gather to help further humanity on Earth. For example, finding the cure for diseases, finding more efficient resources to help prohibit human pollution and testing out our technology for further advancement. Exploring space should be more about helping humans, furthering its knowledge and testing our equipment. It should not be about dividing up humanity by rich and poor. Furthering exploration should be about bringing humankind together. 

In essence, no one should be allowed to claim territory in outer space. It is no wonder that space is one of the most extreme environments the galaxy has to offer and one of the most expensive places to live under. We should focus more on gathering new resources from space, than making it about real-estate.

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