Why Teens Make Bad Decisions Essay Example

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  • Published: 15 March 2021
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Imagine you are with your friends and you make a bad decision. It does not feel as big of a deal, correct? Teens will make more wrong choices than grown-ups. It is more likely to be achieved in groups than individually. They prefer to disregard the repercussions when teenagers are with friends to go along with their impulsive acts. Therefore teens are more likely to make bad decisions in groups. 

The passage Why 14 is the riskiest age for teenagers explains why teenagers make worse decisions than adults. Whenever teenagers are with their friends while they are doing something, they do not think about the future consequences. They are usually caught up in the moment. For example, in the text, it says, “ Brain scans have shown that teens are not only more prone to embarrassment, they are also less likely to respond to punishments and more visually creative than adults.” That quote explains how teens are more humiliated and neglect repercussions than adults. This can show that adolescents make poor choices, so they rely on punishments, but getting humiliated in front of their teenage friends. This shows that 14 is a dangerous age for teens because before they can't, they usually don't think. 

Another good example comes from the passage Teenagers, Friends, and Bad Decisions.  It's all about how teens think so much about other people’s opinions that they don't even know the issue they are getting into. In the passage, it says, “ The effect is believed to be especially strong in teenagers because brain changes shortly after puberty appear to make young people more attentive and aware of what other people are thinking about them.” As adolescents go through puberty, they tend to think more about how others think of them. Teens are starting to make bad choices to change others' opinions about them. This adds to the proof from the previous passage, stating that without thinking about consequences, teenagers are more likely to make bad choices.

 As you can see both papers included in this essay provide strong, realistic information explaining why teenagers in groups make risky decisions. It is easy to get peer-pressured while teens are with a group of friends or even strangers that are around their age. As previously mentioned, teenagers are easily humiliated and worry more than adults about what people think about them. They think more about not being embarrassed than subsequently being in trouble.


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