Why ‘Uncomfortable’ Books Like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Are Precisely the Ones Kids Should be Reading By Julia Dent Analysis

In “Why ‘Uncomfortable’ Books Like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Are Precisely the Ones Kids Should be Reading'' by Julia Dent, when there is a book that is seen as “uncomfortable” from the past, it means kids should read it and it should not be restricted to them. “To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t a true story, but it accurately depicts the racism of the 1930s . . . It’s a horrific part of our country’s history-something we should remember, not avoid.” (Dent pg.1). If kids are being restricted to read books like To Kill a Mockingbird then they might not know the wrong parts of our history. However they should learn even if it's a dark time in the history of our country or a time that we desire to forget. Neverless how will our future change if, “We’re not going to learn anything if we skip over important pieces of history and avoid challenging literature merely because it might make people ‘uncomfortable’.” A good education should make people uncomfortable,” (Dent pg.3). When education makes people uncomfortable it means that the person would form an opinion about not doing the action. Kids might learn that these cruel acts by being uncomfortable will help the future in progression. The world will never learn or improve from our country’s past ideals if kids don’t learn about them. Therefore we should learn about our history but, “How are we supposed to learn from the past (and improve the present) if we’re ignoring significant pieces of history because it might make someone “uncomfortable?” “ (Dent pg. 2). By not letting kids learn about our history we are essentially saying that we are ignoring our past because someone is uncomfortable. Kids may never know about our past and how to grow if they never receive the book or learn about it. Books that talk about the past are the ones kids should read so history doesn’t repeat itself. Kids may never know that the world can change from its past views and think forward in the future.


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