Why We Need Tik Tok Essay Example

TikTok debuted in September 2016, owned by ByteDance. Some will say TikTok is awful for people, but it's our entertainment. There are countless reasons why we need TikTok. One example is that it can assist in passing the time. It makes it possible for people in general to follow the creators they love. It'll help keep you busy on TikTok. Tik Tok has adorable little animals that have made a following on Tiktok.

Another reason is TikTok might help to raise money as a secondary job. It's similar to YouTube making a little bit of money for every thousand viewers. There are 6500 employees of TikTok.  Countless small businesses grown on Tik Tok, the best known is Bang Energy which they have grown through TikTok, with the sponsorship of major creators. The removal of TikTok would cause a social imbalance with 600 million users per day, with Douyin the counterpart in China, combined would have 1.29 billion users.

Another reason is that Tik Tok has added a learning section, so if you don't wish to be on the for you page, you can head to the learning section. Some post-TikTok videos may help long-term. For one thing, Addison Rea is a prime example. She has become an enormously popular TikToker in the past year with more than 75 million followers. Other TikTokers on the app like Will Smith, along with Jason Derulo are almost at 50 million followers. They are even great Tik Tokers with some editing skills that might add a blast in addition to creating a loud Boom sound that is fun to listen to without headphones on. What about Will Smith when he said, “I guess I'm on TikTok now.”

TikTok has been around for 4 years. I have been on Tik Tok for 2 years the reason I participate in Tiktok is due to the fact that I become bored furthermore needing some entertainment. TikTok has entertained myself through my boring moment nevertheless making it substantially better. 

Another reason is Tik Tok lets people post their music. New singers find it easy to grow their name out in the world and find it easy to create amazing Tik Tok songs. Tik Tok has some material about anime and video games. Tiktok is a platform for everyone, with the adorable animals to master chefs plus dancers. Tik Tok even has Gordan Ramsy with his fun videos like a mini kitchen nightmare. you can use and skip TikTok videos no one cares about the useless ones. Now imagine you’re stuck at home as a result of someone eating a bat, you’re bored out of your mind and you have nothing to maybe learn to cook but you have no idea how to start, you’ll use Facebook. During the quarantine, a substantial amount of people have learned on Tik Tok.

In the past, before TikTok was boring people were farming getting taken by aliens’ children at the age of 8 working, but the future with TikTok will keep people calm and happy they will be safe and no aliens’. 

The removal of TikTok will cause a social uprise 1.29 billion people will protest it more or less billions of people will die some will turn into monsters the aliens’ will return on account of their boredom of TikTok being removed, it’ll be the end of the world as we know it. I know what you’re going to say that TikTok is useless but people make a living off of it plus the aliens’. The last person to try nevertheless to ban TikTok had some awful luck impeached twice his wife voted against him; he’s despised by basically the whole world. Go on you wish to be Donald Trump, an orange person, an Oompa Loompa, no I don’t think so.


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