Woman Should Not Marry The First Man Who Asks Her

Getting married is like black licorice, it's not for everyone. A single woman should not marry the first man who asks her just because she may never get another proposal of marriage, as she may not want or be ready for it yet.

Deciding to marry solely for the sake of marrying has proven time and time again that it doesn't usually end well, as seen from the Rose family in “War of the Roses”. The 1989 American black-comedy film is a story about Barbara and Oliver Rose, a couple who did just that. It worked for a little while, but after an argument over finances revealed their true selves, it resulted in an ugly divorce.  As seen from this couple, you can never truly know someone. Marriage exploits that, being as it influences a huge part of your life. When Barbara and Oliver realize they don't like the person they married, they quite literally ruin their lives to get out of it. 

Receiving a proposal doesn't always mean you're ready for one or want to accept it, as can be seen in arranged marriages, primarily for younger people. Many places in South Asia practice arranged marriages from the idea young people are too immature to make proper decisions about something like marriage. Arranged marriages support the claim as the whole reason for them is because young people aren't ready, it completely encapsulates why marrying young from a non-arranged proposal isn't always the best decision. The biggest problem with being told to accept a proposal from someone is it completely negates the woman's feelings and desires. Maybe never getting married is what she wanted. By suggesting she should drop everything and marry regardless of the circumstances or how she's feeling because it may never happen again is quite frankly absurd.

Although you could say a proposal is always good, some people are simply just not at a point in their lives where it is feasible. Therefore a single woman should not marry the first man who asks her for the sake that she may never get another proposal, as she may not want or be ready for such a big step yet. Besides, who's to say the woman is interested in men anyway. 


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