Wright State University Scholarship Essay

Wright State University Scholarship Essay
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My name is Chelsea Gill, and I am a junior at Wright State University. I am majoring in Sports Science with a health and fitness focus, and I will graduate in 2022.

I have many goals I want to achieve through my education at Wright State. I want to master the skills needed in my field, I want to be able to leave Wright State being confident and positive with all I have learned for my future. So far with what I have learned, I already feel confident that these goals will be achieved. My passion for the health and fitness field is beyond measurable. My interest in this field came shortly after high school. I developed an eating disorder and was obsessed with how my body needed to look instead of how I felt. After overcoming the ED, I realized it was not about how you looked but your overall health. I want to be able to help those who struggle with their body image and help them become overall healthier. 

After college, I plan to become a strength and conditioning coach and possibly an online fitness coach so I can be able to help those all over the world. My goals and aspirations are to continue to help change the stigma around women in sports. There are not many female strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. My goals aren’t to just be a female strength and condition coach but to be very knowledgeable and respected one at that. I also am going to help athletes be confident and educated and strong in their sports. 

Community is what brings everyone together. Community is where you can find support and drive to reach goals together. Community service has varied for myself from donating money to family in my town who lost their home and child to a fire, community family who lost their son suddenly, donating food to the town pantry closet, donating toys to our local gym for the children of our community. I spent a summer at a sports performance facility volunteering to help clean up the facility and help with bigger groups or take a session when needed. 

A scholarship award would make an incredible difference in my personal and financial circumstances. It would empower my academic career by lifting the financial burden.  I am a full time student who also works full time. It would free up more time that I could focus on my studies. With more free time I could gain more knowledge and maintain great grades. I have received a scholarship in the past and I can say it motivated and pushed me to work harder and appreciate all of the opportunities I have received. A scholarship will help me now by helping me work towards the future I dream of. My hopes are to one day be able to give back to a student in need. 

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