Writing Assignment Example on Climate Change

Climate change is the problem being discussed in this response to “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”. This response paper begins by stating my opinion on climate change, whether or not it exists. It includes climate change factors such as temperature rising, ice caps melting, methane gas production, and how deforestation affects the process of climate change. My method of response was referencing scholarly resources and prior knowledge outside of the film. Before watching the film, my belief was climate change is an ongoing issue. Further into the response, after watching the film, my opinion is revisited and if it has been altered by the film. The film does not change my view but an agreement between the film and my opinions is made note of. The question asked was whether I believed climate change is a current issue. The paper delves into this topic at the beginning of my response. In addition to my stance on the question, included are examples and reasons to provide validity to the claims. The abbreviation for carbon dioxide CO2 is used for reference in this paper. To end this response paper, the later parts of the paper highlight three to five consequences put forth by climate change. The reason why these consequences are disturbing is also discussed in further detail. To conclude, the last paragraphs highlight three to five consequences I believe will affect my generation in the three decades to come.Keywords: Climate change, consequences, response,

My thoughts on climate change are that it is being undermined by many across the globe. Environmentalists are making minor differences equating to some lasting changes but this movement needs more support. Having had an interest in climate change for the past few years and doing some personal research, I will be referencing prior knowledge as well citing outside sources. This issue is prevalent in many parts of the ecosystems, as we can see its affects this early on in Earth’s lifetime. Climate change is the cause of ice caps in Antarctica melting and the ozone being depleted each year. Ice caps melt due to the rising temperatures when the climate should be able to sustain and protect itself. These ideal factors described are not currently present in the Arctic sea. Humans are causing climate change through direct and indirect actions. Direct factors causing harmful affects to the climate are freshwater pollution and carbon dioxide gas increase. The indirect factors contributing to climate change are CO2 gases used in agriculture for fertilization and deforestation not replenishing oxygen in the air. In my findings before the video based on personal opinion, climate change is currently an ongoing issue caused by direct and indirect factors, including humans.This paragraph will discuss the direct factors contributing to climate change before viewing “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power''. An increase of carbon dioxide is having a negative affect on the climate and ozone layer with the help of rising temperatures. According to NASA Ozone Watch in Ozone Layer article stating, “Researchers have seen the declining trend of the ozone particularly in the Southern Hemisphere where the concern is more drastic. Starting from 1979, and ending in the 1990s, the ozone levels dropped to worrying amounts. The levels dropped to a staggering 100 DU which would classify as an ‘ozone hole’”(Ritchie, 2018). These low levels are a matter of concern for officials due to the risk of complete ozone depletion and 

Iincreasing temperatures that go hand in hand. The decrease of the ozone layer is a consequence of large amounts of the carbon molecules, emitted from carbon dioxide, breaking down oxygen molecules in the ozone layer. Carbon dioxide is released into the air by large agricultural operations, manufacturing plants across the globe, and by human populations breathing. The largest contributors to the increase of CO2 are the manufacturers and non-environmentally friendly Agriculture operations. When used for Agricultural purposes, this CO2 gas is altered to form methane which is a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. According to the article, “9 Greenhouse gases, Ozone Depleting Gases”, “The most destructive gases such as methane and carbon dioxide cause the warming of the earth by trapping the released energy produced by solar radiation inside which in return gets mirrored on the earth exterior”(Zevenhoven & Kilpinen, 2001). By the warming of the earth and given how the molecules in methane interact with ozone, carbon dioxide and methane usage directly correlate to the changes in the ozone layer. By solving the issue of increased carbon dioxide gasses and related combinations in the air, humans can preserve the remaining levels of ozone preventing further damage. Cited from the Bureau of Reclamation under Water Facts, “The earth has three percent of freshwater available with only half percent available for usage”(Anonymous, 2020). This means the remaining amount of water is unreachable, stored inside glaciers or ice caps which are in direct threat of climate change. This is troubling given the damage being done to the small amount of freshwater left. Climate change is prevalent in the affects of pollution of freshwater according to the Bureau of Reclamation; “Out of the 71% ocean on earth, only 3% is freshwater and when assessing pollution, a small pint amount of oil can pollute fresh drinking water totaling 250 thousand gallons”(Anonymous, 2020). Caused by humans disposing of waste into the water used 

Drinking, we have decreased the stock of fresh water. This is affecting human life on earth along with the natural resources available.This paragraph discusses the indirect factors contributing to climate change before viewing “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” The usage of methane gas in fertilization can also be classified as an indirect causing factor of climate change. Looking at a study done by the University of Adelaide, “A single cow can produce massive amounts of methane gas. From one cow in a single year, the average amount of methane gas produced will be an estimated 70 to 120 kg in quantity. This number is to be multiplied by the population of cows equaling 1.5 billion across the globe”(Science Advances, 2019). While this gas is produced at such high amounts that when it reaches the stratosphere, it starts the natural breakdown of the oxygen molecules in the ozone layer as previously discussed. The act of deforestation is negatively affecting the climate as it works against trees. The process leads to more carbon dioxide gas to be released into the atmosphere as in the article Deforestation and Climate Change, “This process is the main producer of carbon dioxide gas each year totaling 4.8 billion tonnes”(Dean, 2019). Deforestation is caused by humans which results in a chain reaction leading to climate change. If deforestation were to halt, the 4.8 billion tons of carbon gas would be reduced. With the help of trees, the increased oxygen in the air could combat climate change naturally. This shows as a supporting example that humans are causing an indirect factor of climate change, deforestation. With the total amount of trees and plants decreasing, the replenishing of oxygen into the atmosphere reduces severely. It is a chain reaction of several activities occurring such as methane gas production, deforestation, and decreased oxygen which results in a change in the climate.


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