Year-Round School Essay Example

Year-Round School Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Do you despise school? Well if you think normal nine month school is too , then try year-round schooling. Year-round schooling goes the whole year, but with very little breaks. This calendar still follows the 180 days as the traditional one. It cuts down your summer and provides more stress to students. It is not necessary for schools to change to year-round schooling because parents cannot find babysitters, or the kids can’t participate in extracurriculars, and it can destroy kids' mental health. 

Kids under ten can not stay home alone for long periods of time. Parents can’t find people to watch their kids when they are off of school. The article “evaluating the year round school system” wrote, “The new school schedule left me scrambling for care during the Christmas break” pg.5 You can see that when children have many little breaks and their parents work they can’t find support. Children are left home alone for their break because of the year round system. Also in the article they talk about how they can’t find childcare when they are off school. Parents are left with their kid when they should be at work and the kid should be at school. Kids can’t handle being home by themselves, they have no source of food or discipline. As shown above year round schooling is not easy when parents need sitters. 

Kids need more than school knowledge they also need real world knowledge. Kids can’t do extra activities like camps, jobs, and extra activities. In the article “vacation just as important as school year” wrote “Those teenagers who take part-time jobs during the summer breaks and earn something on their own will not be able to do so in a 15 day break.” pg.7 You can see that kids who want to provide for themselves or their families can’t because of the 15 day break. Kids will never understand the responsibility of having a job and working it because of the year round school system. Also the article talks about how children can learn from summer activities but you lose that from year round schooling. They make a great point about how children won’t get the life lessons they need to survive in life. They can’t get the social skills they need in life if they can’t have a normal summer. As you can see kids are missing out on so much because of year round schooling.

If normal schooling already doesn’t destroy kids' health year round schooling makes it even worse. Year round schooling can destroy kids' mental health. In the article “vacation just as important as school” states “when school ended two weeks ago I noticed my kids seemed almost instantly healthier and more engaged with what was going on around them” pg.18 As you read her kids were a lot happier when they were out of school. Year round school is too long and puts way too much on kids who don’t deserve it. They also talked about how summer time is a chance to recover from stress and anxiety from school. Even parents realize how much stress kids get from year round school. It is not good for kids to develop stress and anxiety from that age. In conclusion children get loads of stress from year round schooling.

Some may say that kids can forget everything in the summer. However kids can lose motivation and ruin their mental health when they go all year round. For example in the article “Vacation  just as important as school” they state “Give more kids a chance to run free. It may not be “expanded learning time”. It can expand you just the same.” pg.23 As I talked about before when you go outside and enjoy it, it can reduce stress and make your mental health better. Kids don’t need school all year round they need a 3 month break to recover and enjoy family. The effects from year round schooling are parents can’t find sitters, kids can’t do extracurriculars and it destroys kids mental health. All in all it is not necessary for year round schooling.

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