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Welcome to IvyMoose, the biggest platform with a great variety of essay samples. No need to say that with hundreds of essay assignments in colleges and universities, it is often really challenging for students to come up with new ideas every time they write an essay. Consider IvyMoose as your resource of inspiration and motivation. To ease your life and studying process, we have gathered and structured lots of examples of papers on different topics, of different types, and of different levels of difficulty. 

How we help you:

  • We provide you with thousands of essays on topics of great diversity so that you can find inspiration to come up with your paper;
  • All essays here are divided into a number of categories, which in their turn are divided into subcategories to let you see all the essays in the category you’re interested in at once;
  • You can use the search field if you’re ready to search for certain essays or topics;
  • You will find more than one essay on a topic you need.

How IvyMoose Differs 

Each example of a paper on IvyMoose is completely free for you. We could finish with this sentence because it says for itself, but let’s discuss it in more detail. What we mean when we say it’s free:

  • You don’t pay for reading full samples placed on our site;
  • You don’t pay for using essays placed here for writing your own paper;
  • You don’t pay for any subscriptions because we don’t even have them;
  • You don’t share your email or any other information with us;
  • You are our ghost guest whom we don’t know at all and who can use our services toll-free.

This is what really differs us from similar sites that unfortunately ask you to pay even for free access, for instance, with your email or any other information, or with asking you to subscribe and causing you inconveniences. 

Why Moose?

Actually, if you come up with the idea on why Moose or if you find any correlation between the name of our platform and some deep meaning, we will be really grateful :) Our core goal was and is to provide high-quality service and make it really available for students, so we don’t care about the name of our brand. We rather put all our creativity, time, and ideas into being a respective service that gives no false hopes, where any example of paper is really free and quality, that helps people and does something that matters. So, ‘moose’ is just another word that we had to add to ‘essay’. 


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Jan 18-01-2022

Personal Narrative Essay on My New Life

Thursday, August 23, 2018. The day my life would change forever. We were at the airport. I never thought that it would actually happen. I didn't know what to expect. When we got on the plane we found …

Words: 1071 Pages: 4

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Jan 18-01-2022

Prison System In America Essay Example

Imagine you are a prisoner in America, in for a crime you did not commit. You have been charged with the minimum sentence for murder (25 years) knowing you are not guilty. America's prison system is f…

Words: 869 Pages: 4

Jan 18-01-2022

Essay sanple on The Legend Of John Henry's Story

John Henry was born in Virginia as a black slave in the early 1840s. He worked for the C&O railroad and was a "Steel Driver" or also known as hammer man. He would drill holes into rocks for the railro…

Category: Literature
Words: 664 Pages: 3

Jan 18-01-2022

Warriors: Power of Three Book Report

Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit are three kittens born into a world where cats are divided by clans and they are dying to become warriors in their clan. The clan they are born into is called Thunderclan…

Category: Books
Words: 844 Pages: 4

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These essays are submitted voluntarily to IvyMoose by high achieving students who wish to help others succeed academically in high school and university.

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