Essay Example: Three Types of Abuse

Essay Example: Three Types of Abuse
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

“Every 11 seconds a child is reported abused or neglected in the United States.” ( Facts About Abuse - Greater Richmond SCAN › information › facts-about-abuse) Kids get abused every day, sadly it is common. All of us have probably heard of it. But I don't know everything about it.  There are three types of abuse: physical, sexual, and mental/emotional. Here is more information about them. “Abuse is any threat, act, or physical force that is used to create fear, control, or intimidate.”According to 

Physical abuse:

The first type of abuse is physical abuse. It is probably the one you think of when you think of abuse. Almost 1 billion kids get abused every day from the most common ages of 2-17, according to. National Statistics on Child Abuse - National Children's Alliance That is a lot of kids. You can help someone that is getting abused. It might seem crazy to just look for These signs: a lot of bruises or new bruises every day, broken limbs often, flinching a lot when you move or go to do something, and unexplainable weight loss. People that have gotten abused and got away or are no longer getting abused will most likely have that with them the rest of their lives. It can affect them where they have anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, and eating disorders. 

Sexual Abuse: 

The second type of abuse is sexual abuse is another form of abuse. Examples of sexual abuse are rape, molestation, and touching.  It is around the same age as physical abuse, 2-17, and about 1 billion kids. This can happen with parents and kids, spouses, and sometimes just strangers. Signs of sexual abuse consists of, stress, distress, don’t want to be hugged, and pregnancy. Therefore the outcome is, it can change how they think, unable to relax, and relationship problems. If you see these signs then get someone to help them from abuse. 

Emotional Abuse:

The last type of abuse is emotional abuse can tie in with mental abuse as they both are very similar. And the same with the other two kinds of abuse, it is about 1 billion kids every day. Just like sexual abuse, there are different types, there is verbal, which is where they just yell at you and scream, and cuss at you. Then there is rejection, they shoot down everything you say, they say you wrong. And then there is Gaslighting which is where they make you doubt yourself, your own feelings, and doubt your own thoughts. Signs of emotional abuse are, making dark jokes, shutting down communication, and indifference. The effect of emotional abuse is,  low self-esteem PTSD, IQ can change, feeling helpless, guilt, hard to be in relationships. 


In conclusion, there are a lot of kids getting abused RIGHT NOW, so if you can watch out for the signs of abuse and try to help someone cause you might save someone’s life. I hope this informational writing helped you with abuse and more about it!


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