Essay Sample: Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Over the centuries, the discussion of Thanksgiving and Christmas has sparked many debates. In my opinion, Thanksgiving has certain advantages that overpower Christmas. In this essay, I will explain c…

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Pages: 2
Halloween Research Paper

Halloween, the coveted October holiday that children (and LGBTQ+ youth) look forward to as a time to dress up and consume egregious amounts of candy, is arguably one of the most rich and history-laden…

Words: 1164
Pages: 5
Essay Sample on History of Journaling

The liberating feeling of unleashing day-to-day stress onto a sheet of paper is the most famous form of journaling. This ancient tradition dates back over millennia but is still commonly practiced. Af…

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Pages: 3
My Personal Tradition Essay Example

Although I love gathering around the television with my family and watching the annual ball drop in New York City, I want to invent a tradition of my own. Whether you're a teenager or a parent or a bu…

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