Essay on Striving to Win

Growing up my whole life, I was taught that we must always strive to win, to be the best. We should always try our best ,but I started to notice that this idea of always having to win was drilled so …

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Plastic Surgery Essay Sample

Plastic surgeries are one of the actual topics all around the world. Many people claim, that it has risen to a level, which exceeds good sense. One group of society is trying to make very expensive pr…

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Psychology Essay Sample about Love

Love. Love is a universal experience, that can look quite different from culture to culture, and even on the individual level. You can have love for family, partner(s), pets, money, working, and the l…

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Essay Sample: Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Over the centuries, the discussion of Thanksgiving and Christmas has sparked many debates. In my opinion, Thanksgiving has certain advantages that overpower Christmas. In this essay, I will explain c…

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Importance of Setting Goals Essay Example

I believe that goal setting is important. Goal setting is important because it helps you succeed more, and it can help motivate you through things like school, sports, and work. If you want to succeed…

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Personal Essay Sample: My Family

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Everyone likes to tell stories. They like to run their mouths about their lives. "Wow my mom is so cool," or "My dad bough…

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Statement of Qualifications Sample

1\. I have several years of experience prioritizing multiple high-level assignments throughout college and in my experience working with the California Conservation Corps and the Governor's Office of …

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