Good Vs. Evil In Lord Of The Flies by William Golding

Good and evil are polar opposites, and humans are left right in the middle. In the book Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, a group of school boys are evacuated from their private school during a war. The boy's plane crashes on an island and they are left stranded with no adults. Throughout the time they show both good and evil attributes. The boys show respect and kindness but they are also savage and rude. 

Throughout the story, Piggy is bullied all the time, so this shows the dark side of humans. After all of the boys have found each other and they are discussing what they should do, Jack says, “You’re talking too much,” said Jack Merridew. “Shut up, Fatty.” Laughter arose. “He’s not Fatty,” cried Ralph, “his real name’s Piggy!” “Piggy!” “Piggy!” “Oh, Piggy!” A storm of laughter arose and even the tiniest child joined in. For the moment the boys were a closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy outside: he went very pink(21).”  In this instance Jack is being a jerk and the other boys are joining in. In real life bullying is a big problem. Kids are bullied constantly. Piggy is self-conscious and awkward. He seems different to the other boys. It doesn't give the other boys the right to laugh at him and make fun of him. Nobody is standing up for Piggy. This is a mean side of humans. In another instance, Ralph and Jack are fighting when Piggy tries to intervene and get everybody's attention, Piggy states, “Piggy’s voice penetrated to Ralph. “Let me speak.” He was standing in the dust of the fight, and as the tribe saw his intention the shrill cheer changed to a steady booing(179).” Piggy wants to say something and the boys don't give him the attention he deserves, instead they are rude and boo him. Again Piggy is the victim of the clan's bullying. He is treated unfairly yet again. The boys are being rude to him. They won't let him speak. They would have let anyone else speak. This is the shadowy side of humans shown in the book.

There are moments in the book where kindness and respect are shown. The boys have just gone hunting and come back with a pig, but Jack was so preoccupied with that that he let the fire out. Piggy is angry at jack and is embarrassing him so jack hits him which then knocks piggy's glasses off.  The narrator pronounces, ¨He went crouching and feeling over the rocks but Simon, who got there first, found them for him. Passions beat about Simon on the mountain-top with awful wings.(71)¨ Simon shows how the boys should be acting on the island. He treats everyone with the kindness and respect they deserve. Simon can be seen as Christ- like. He is helping piggy find his glasses because nobody else will. Simon shows the compassionate side of everyone. In the next instance, Jack has just come back from hunting and he finds Simon and Ralph struggling to make the shelters. Ralph utters, ¨Simon. He helps.” He pointed at the shelters. “All the rest rushed off. He’s done as much as I have. Only—” “Simon’s always about (54).” Ralph decides that to survive they need to build shelters. He puts the boys to work but they slowly leave. Simon is showing respect to his leader Ralph Instead of shying away from work. Consideration is shown from Simon through the book. 

In conclusion, humans can show good qualities like integrity and dignity. We can also be dishonorable and rude. The boys on the island are now evil savages, but every so often you can see a little bit of good shine through. Are you a good human or an evil human? Do you act like Simon or Jack? How do you treat others?

Work Cited

Golding. William. Lord of the Flies. New York, Penguin, 2006.


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