Isaac Newton Essay Example

Isaac Newton was one of the most influential scientists in history and one of the most important people of the scientific revolution. Mostly known as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time he …

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Pages: 2
Elasticity Essay Example

Some solid materials have the property of elasticity which means they can return to their original shape after deformation. Robert Hooke presented this through the law, stating that "Extension is dire…

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Pages: 2
Albert Einstein's Biography

Albert Einstein, a physicist genius, was known for many things including discovering light is a particle or photon, the theories of relativity, and the mathematical equation, E = mc2 . Both of Einstei…

Words: 633
Pages: 3
Dark Energy Essay Example

I have a lot of "what if'' theories and questions that make me wonder just how different the universe would be by the smallest effects added or taken away from the galaxy and planet we call home. The…

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Pages: 4