Human Rights in Canada Essay Example

Human Rights in Canada Essay Example
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Have you experienced discrimination yet?  We know that at some point either you or someone you know will experience some sort of gender, race or belief discrimination, it has to happen to all humans. However Canada makes the utmost effort to minimize any sort of discrimination in Canada, that’s what it’s known for. It’s brotherhood, love, and kindness to everyone around them no matter their origin. colour, and religion. Canada has made great and tremendous effort to support the beliefs and religion of all its citizens, it has overcome a variety of gender and racial barriers over the years and continues to evolve for its people's needs and comfort. Canada has put in place or supports many laws, acts, and organizations together like BLM, The Multiculturalism Act and Canadian Anti-Racism Network for this reason. Everybody's culture, religion, and beliefs are all protected under the laws of Canada, it makes sure nobody gets discriminated against and can live freely. Every person in Canada is equal under the law and must be protected with equal protection and equal benefit of the law, this means that no matter your “race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability” you will not be discriminated against. This can help and look out for minority groups like BLM or in any case of an individual of colour being arrested or in an altercation they would get the same rights and treatment as everyone else. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms was made to stop such bias claims and accusations made towards an individual based on appearance only. This law has made it easier for individuals to find jobs and housing in Canada, it has made Canada the beautiful and free land as we know it today. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom gives everybody the freedom of “conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication”. Jenna Talackova is one of many successful transgender people in Canada, she was a Miss Universe contestant that is big in the modeling world. This shows that in Canada you will not be looked down on if you believe in a different god or identify as a different gender, you are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedom from any sort of attacks/discrimination. The Charter of RIghts and Freedom was made by Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s government and has helped many people make happy and successful lives here in Canada. The Multiculturalism Act recognizes the rights of individuals with a different heritage. It understands that English and French are the official languages of Canada but you are able to freely speak your own language and still be respected and treated equally under Canada’s laws. The Multiculturalism Act provides everyone with the same equal opportunities to achieve the life that they wish for. My family and I came to Canada in 2011 and were helped and protected by people around us, not once have I experienced any sort of discrimination towards myself or my family, I was freely allowed to speak my own language with people until I learned English. The Multiculturalism Act recognizes the different heritages and races, it welcomes them to Canada because they try to achieve diversity in their people and their country. Canada is a very diverse country with people of all colours and religions in it, because of the effort and laws that Canada put in place, almost no one is discriminated against and most of the time they will feel more comfortable in Canada then in their own country. Canada’s population consists of 21.9% immigrants, that's a pretty big number, that's why when you walk down any city in Canada, through any street, you will hear multiple languages being spoken and multiple races being represented, either by the smell of food, sound of music, or clothing style. Though Canada has 2 official languages (English, French), over 200 languages are spoken, this makes it easier for communication and relationships between strangers. A newcomer can come and most likely find someone who speaks their language and create friendships and jobs together. This is what makes Canada what it is, it’s the fact that everyone will treat you with respect and open their doors to you, it’s how they will embrace your culture and show it the respect it deserves. Toronto is known as one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, it's because it is. Toronto is represented by many different races and origins. 51.2% of Toronto is foreign born, this means you would see more people of different ethnicities and color rather than white Canadians. There are over 250 ethnicities and 170 languages being represented in Toronto, everything from the food to style to businesses, it’s all in the blood of Torontonians to appreciate and understand the culture of everyone around them. Toronto puts aside the hatred and discrimination and lets everyone live their lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth, it helps everyone find who they are and what they want to do. Canada’s immigration system is point based, the more points you have the better chance of you getting in. individuals that are doctors, teachers or have had foreign education in Canadian schools can convert to a permanent resident status. Canada also has tight border restrictions on who comes in on temporary visas, since Canada has three borders by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans it makes it easier to control the amount of people coming in, which helps make Canada a safer place for its citizens. Immigrants can also become sponsors for their family members to help them come into Canada as well. Canada is still taking in immigrants if they are approved during these times where Covid-19 is still active. All genders can feel safe in Canada without any discrimination towards their personal life and choices they make, because Canada knows that it has no say in what people can do in their personal life and who they can be within their bedroom. The Lgbtq+ community has made a home for themselves in Canada, they have strived for rights and equality and that's what Canada has given them. They earned the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1960 and the rights to Civil Marriage in 2005, which meant that what they were doing wasn’t going to get them in trouble and that they could get married anywhere in Canada without a problem. In 2000, “Parliament passed Bill C-23 which gave same-sex couples the same social and tax benefits as heterosexuals in common-law relationships”. In section 15 of the Charter of Right and Freedom, it states that “every individual is to be considered equal regardless of religion, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, sex, age or physical or mental disability”. This show’s that Canada has put in the effort for the Lgbtq+ community to have a free and peaceful life in Canada.Canada helps its women by protecting them in shelters, women who experience abuse or discrimination can feel comfortable asking for help and seeking a solution. Canada ranks 19th on the Global Gender Gap rankings by the World Economic Forum which is amazing since it ranked 35th place in 2016, which means that Canada is doing better every year in helping women and their dreams come true. Canada also ranks #1 for the best country a woman can live in, Canada gives women more job opportunities and freedom than any other country on Earth, the government shows any woman that comes to Canada great care because they know other countries look down on women and treat them like slaves. (Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria). Kids in Canada get many opportunities, Canada’s education system is one of the best in the world, Canada makes sure you are ready for those big choices in life with nothing holding you back. That’s why if there was a certain college/University you wanted to go to but couldn’t afford it, then Canada would help with plans like OSAP(Ontario Student Assistance Plan). They will give you a weekly pay around $500-800 depending on the situation. Canada is the most educated country in the world, 56.27% of adults have earned some kind of high education, meaning that it spends more money and effort than any other country thus making kids' futures brighter and easier to achieve than any other place. After reading and understanding what Canada did for its people, you can see that they surely put in tremendous effort to keep the country diverse, free, and multicultural.

The laws of Canada have helped people of different ethnic origins survive and pursue a life they wish for, all the females, males and the LGBTQ+ community have had the same equal and fair opportunities to do so. This has helped make a way for a variety of different cultures and races to enter Canada freely to make Canada what it is today. Canada has shown us that they want the best for us and will do everything for it, their laws protect us, their people care for us, and their land houses us. There is nothing more to ask from Canada, they evolve greater than any other country in order to make everyone feel safe and at home.

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