The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review

The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

Have you ever thought Covid-19 quarantine was bad? Well, hiding for the Frank’s was about 100x worse. In “The Diary of Anne Frank'', Anne deals with the hardships of maturing and the troubles of being stuck in the Secret Annex. Anne shows a considerable amount of maturity and is finally able to control her feelings and express herself to everyone else.
At the start of her diary, she begins as a shy girl, bored out of her mind. She did not like hiding and being in the Annex, and she also liked to annoy and, and bother people that were there. She was very moody, and sensitive, but she was also very optimistic about their situation. Not only that, but she was also sometimes mean, rude, or hateful to people around her, even though she did not much realize it. She was also very argumentative in her diary, but never spoke those feelings to whom she was speaking of.
Throughout the middle of the book, you can tell she is slowly maturing, for example she is becoming more isolated and becoming more sophisticated. You can tell how she is starting to write more properly and starting to be more deep-thinking. She is no longer being the annoying little girl who always bothered people in the Secret Annex, and she is keeping to herself.
At the end of the book, she is noticeably more mature than from the start. She is no longer bottling her feelings up. She is still like her old self like how she still likes to make people happy and is still joyful. She started to take more attention into Peter and is realizing her feelings for Peter instead of just thinking about him as a friend. When she first met Peter, she didn’t think much of him as she found him lazy and obnoxious. Her writing has become much more sophisticated, and she has been able to express herself unlike before.
Anne changed a lot through her time she spent in the Annex. She matured in a positive way even through the hard times they were having. She matured in a very awkward environment without normal surroundings that most people would experience. She changed from a very selfish, disrespectful 13-year-old to a mature young adult.

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