The Personality of Scrooge Essay Example

The Personality of Scrooge Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Almost 3 months after the Christmas of the Spirits…

He was rich and alone, then he was rich and fake, lastly, he was poor and alone, well not exactly.  What killed him, was fake kindness and greed. Ebenezer Scrooge used to be a rich man until this happened. It all began on the 15th of March.  Scrooge’s clerk, Bob Cratchit, was dropping off the totals for his account and upon checking them Scrooge saw that he had no money.  Scrooge’s accounts were at a total of half a crown. Upon looking over the papers, he realized that Bob Cratchit had robbed him of most of his money and was taking possession of his counting-house.  Bah humbug! he thought. I knew I made a mistake helping that wretched clerk. He considered many things but in the end, decided to simply talk to Cratchit lest the Spirits come back. See Scrooge is a miserable, greedy, tightfisted man, but after the three Spirits visited him on Christmas Eve, he had been outwardly pleasant.  However, the inside is not changed as easily, thus Scrooge remained the same inside.  “Bob...” Scrooge called through the door of the tank. The tank was comfortably outfitted and there was a huge fire blazing. As previously mentioned people do not change that easily, thus the mere sight of the fire was killing Scrooge inside, since he was still cheap.  Nevertheless, he maintained a calm outward appearance, because, if it was not clear before, Scrooge was a cowardly man, and still lived in fear of the three Spirits. You may be wondering, why did Scrooge not revert to his old ways outwardly if only for a while, after all, Christmas was not for another 8 months.  However, he was not willing to take any chances, Easter was less than a month away and he had a dreadful fear of rabbits. But, back to Bob Cratchit.  “Ebenezer…” Bob replied, scurrying out of the tank.  Bob had changed as well, but not just outwardly, due to Scrooge giving him financial aid, Bob had received a taste of luxury like never before.  But the thing with money is that the more you have, the more you want.  Bob, desperate for more money, had resorted to any means possible to gain more money, including robbing his former employer of all possessions, and deserting Tiny Tim because his medical bills were too expensive for Bob. The Cratchit family had protested slightly upon this desertion, but they too were afflicted with a need for money.  After hurrying out of the tank, Bob began talking “Ebenezer, I know what you are going to say.”  “Oh do you” Scrooge responded drily. “Yes,” Bob continued. “ And I just wanted to inform you, that you are currently trespassing, on my property so please leave or I will have you arrested.”  “Why you,” Scrooge sputtered.  Upon leaving the counting-house, Scrooge saw Fred walking towards the counting-house, most likely to see Scrooge. “Fred…” Scrooge said pleasantly, whereas inwardly he was bubbling with dislike. “I am so glad to see you, dear nephew”  “Sorry Uncle” Fred replied. “I have a business meeting with Bob Cratchit” “ That is what I wanted to talk to you about” Scrooge tried to continue “I know, he robbed you of everything that you had, and is know kicking you out to go live on the streets” explained Fred in a hurry.  “What,” Scrooge cried. You knew about this” “I did, and I helped Bob with it.” Fred declared “But why, Scrooge asked. Because you were right Uncle, I am in financial need, and Bob promised to give me 30% of the profits” Upon these words, Fred hurried into the counting-house to claim his money.  Scrooge ended up in a Union Workhouse and not much changed for him, except now he was outwardly unpleasant as well.  He reverted back to being greedy and mean outwardly.  On the 20th of March Scrooge was pushing people out of the way to be the first to get water from the fountain. That day, however, the water was infected with cholera. The following day Scrooge died. His final words were, “Bah Humbug! It took 3 Spirits, to make Scrooge only outwardly, change his ways, however, only one glass of water to end his life.

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