The United States Homeless Population Analysis

The United States Homeless Population Analysis
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In 2007 we had 647,258 homeless people on the streets on any given night. You might think well hey that’s bound to happen with the 328 million people in this country but that is not ok. That number is 68,258 more than the entire population of Wyoming. So that is what it looked like in perspective. That was like not as bad as1926 but we can’t have that happen again it was terrible. It’s the least we can do is to help.

Now in 2020, we have 567,715 homeless people on average and this is still too much. But it’s still only 11,285 less than the entire population of Wyoming and that’s not good. It's too many and people deserve better. We should find ways to help when possible. We need to do something now so people can have a better life. So join with me and try to help the future find a good charity or organization that helps homeless people so we can change the future. It is the least we can do, even if we give a dollar a day to a charity that helps lots because it was one more dollar than before and it will go to helping others.

Every 10 years we drop 66,286 people homeless and this is not enough to wait 90 years we should theoretically 0 homeless people but there are new people on the streets and others off every year we might never have 0 homeless people and that’s not ok we need to do better for this future and for the people of the future. It is the least we can do.

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