Analysis of Song Who Says by Selena Gomez

Analysis of Song Who Says by Selena Gomez
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📌Published: 16 April 2021

The pop song “Who Says” by  Selena Gomez, revealed several uses of figurative language. The writer used repetition and metaphors to show that the opinion of others should not affect your confidence. By using these techniques, the writer emphasizes the importance of not letting the hurtful words of others bother you. There are always going to be people in the world who judge you and your actions, but the only way to move past them is to stay true to yourself. By writing this song, Selena Gomez helped numerous people move past the insecurities sprung onto them by others. 

The song “Who Says” demonstrated multiple examples of repitition. Throughout the song, Selena Gomez says,  “Who Says, Who Says”(23) about 30 times. By including that phrase multiple times in the song, listeners paid more attention to it and the message behind it.  She did this to influence the way we handle hate from the people around us. Especially if it is coming from someone who has no importance in our lives. This song was made to help remind people to remain to never change themselves because of the words of others.  She also reminds us to chase our dreams despite the hateful words of others because at the end of the day, who even are they?  

The writer also included multiple examples of metaphors in her songwriting. One example of a metaphor used in the lyrics was, “Keep you beneath the stars, Won't let you touch the sky.” (37) By having metaphors hidden in the lyrics, the writer was able to include a message that wouldn't be noticed after listening to the song once. She used this metaphor to compare the way people will build up your confidence until it begins to outshine their own, and that's when they just tear you down all over again. This supports my reason to believe that this song was made to rebuild the confidence of those that have been victims of bullying.

After thoroughly analyzing the lyrics of the song, I began to understand how the lyrics made connections to how people may be being treated. As a result of including repetition and metaphors in the lyrics, those listening are able to relate and understand the song more. Therefore, the lyrics in this song exposed the truth behind the hurtful words of others and was made as a reminder that the words of others should not affect us. This song was written to return people's confidence after experiencing bullying or self-doubting themselves and their capabilities in life. 


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