Hairspray Movie Analysis Essay Sample

Hairspray (2007) is a film set in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland. This year was a time that America was facing the social construct of segregation. While some Americans were pushing for integration, many st…

Words: 865
Pages: 4
Boogaloo and Graham Film Analysis Esaay

Michael Lennox's 2014 short film, Boogaloo and Graham has represented the youngsters to be naive, pure and a symbol of hope. Set in 1978, Belfast during the happenings of the troubles where the averag…

Words: 750
Pages: 3
Rizal In Dapitan Film Analysis

Rizal in Dapitan (1977) was directed by Tikoy Aguiluz and is about, as the title suggests, Jose Rizal's exile in Dapitan that lasted for four years. Interestingly, the movie begins with a scene of his…

Words: 465
Pages: 2
Titanic Movie Analysis Essay Sample

Titanic (1997), directed and written by James Cameron, is a historical romance based on the true story of a British luxury steamship during its voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. The story is p…

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Pages: 5