Bernie Sanders Rhetorical Analysis

Bernie Sanders Rhetorical Analysis
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

In the presidential campaign “Vision Bernie Sanders 2020", Bernie Sanders presents his ideas to unify and bring equity for the future of America. Sanders’s purpose is to persuade citizens to vote for him on his approach to taking office that can lead to immense changes for the country. He adopts an optimistic and cautionary tone in order to anticipate a propitious ambition and to emphasize the care and equal opportunities for all working classes he will bring forth as the superior candidate. 

Candidate Sanders begins the advertisement with prosperity remarks of change that institutes to start from scratch. He uses an encouraging diction to state “real change never takes place from the top on down but always from the bottom up” to reinforce that people in low poverty with limited advantages are the building blocks to create an impact for change.  Sanders applies diction in order to convey people by using the imagery of the skyscraper towering down as a visual representation that everything can be desired by the motivation and work of one’s ability and he also inserts a small clip of a man lifting a trash bag to implement millions of individuals trying to make a living with minimum job opportunities. Sanders understands that the rigged economy is giving no favor to those with low social status and some people feel they have no power to have an influence in change. Bernie Sanders is using a logical appeal to amplify that these situations have been going for too long and it's now time for a change. Sanders pushes the message to express people in the low hierarchy are underestimated and have the potential to build a better future.

Candidate Sanders goes on to speak about the inhumane brutality of separating immigrant families. He applies syllogism when he states “you don’t rip little children away from the arms of their mother” to emphasize immigration camps are profoundly broken and should be nonexistent.  Sanders applies syllogism in order to illuminate that we live in a nation that is built from immigrants and the camps contradict the value America holds when it's being utilized to prison innocent people that come here for better opportunities. Sanders understands indigenous people that emigrated to this country should not be separated from their families especially when the camps are abusive towards individuals and ignore their rights. Bernie Sanders uses emotional appeal to signify the camps are a cruel decision to be made and immigrants should be allowed to gain legal status as well as to not live-in fear of deportation.

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