Speech About Own Opinion

Speech About Own Opinion
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

Dear members of the council, I believe everyone should start off with equality in the new world.  Individuals should have their own opinion on things regardless of their gender, race, financial situation, etc.  Imagine feeling unwanted about something you can’t change about yourself?  In the “Ones Who Stay and Fight,” the narrator states, ”Where every soul matters, and even the idea that some might not is anathema.”(Jemisin 6).  The phrase, “Where every soul matters,” has equality written all over it.  I believe the world will run fluently as for humans accepting humans.  Furthermore, people deserve to feel appreciated for their differences.    In “The Ones Who Stay and Fight,” there was disagreement about people's differences and opinions, which then led to violence.  The new world will be superior as it will not have the violence associated with diversity.   All in all, equality is a must in order to keep a society progressing.  When there is inequality and discrimination, a communtiy will suffer because it is not making the most out of peoples’ lives and talents.  All individuals should be treated equally, with their differences valued and celebrated.   

Discrimination against others is a wrong and disrespectful concept.  There shouldn't be any unfairness towards others for something they can’t control.  Individuals should be respected for their own opinion and not be treated differently.  …”The realization that, once, those differences of opinion involved differences in respect.” (Jemisin 6).  In the short story,“The Ones Who Stay and Fight” by N.K. Jemisin, Um-Helatins chose to value their own opinions and lead to equality.  To sum up discrimination, it is a unjust concept and can lead to worse issues like social chaos if it continues.  Differences should be valued and accepted.

Equality and discrimination are two very opposite things.  One similarity between equality and dicrimination is they both have to do with society and people.  Also each term affects society differently whether it’s good or bad.  Equality brings people together and discrimination pulls apart.  I believe it’s worthy to make equality superior in the new world because then everyone starts on the same page regardless of gender or race.  Equality eliminates the unfairness amongst people.  This will create a world where everyone has equal opportunities and is allowed to speak their mind respectfully.  

I feel equality is an important trait to have in a new world.  Considering others opinions and differences advances the world to be a better place.  Discrimmination should never happen in this new superior society.  I know that when equality is in this new world, it will help so many individuals feel more safe and comfortable; whereas discrimmintaion will tear people apart and lead to a dystopian world. With everyone supporting one another in their differences, they will learn from each other and become a stronger community.


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