The Quartering Act Essay Sample

The Quartering Act Essay Sample
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If this is why, I think the colonists had the right to declare independence. The British had a Quartering Act(1765) with the colonists, which irritated the colonists. You wouldn't want anyone to enter your house for no reason and look around without a search warrant trying to search for smuggled items. Since there were several disputes between the British and the Colonists, the British made the Colonists of the Quartering Act, and there was also an Intolerable Act(1774)

In 1754 the battle (Algonquins/Hurons) began. Including the French and Indian (Iroquois) wars. The war was between Britain and France for seven years. Some soldiers were led by George Washington to leave the Ohio River Valley for the French. The French also declined to leave. Right here there was a conflict. Washington was then sent to construct a fort to build a fort at the head of the Ohio River Valley. The fort was named, "Fort Necessity." The French attacked the fort, and forced Washington's men to surrender. The Treaty of Paris was for France and the English to end the War. It was signed in the year 1763. 

Pontiac Rebellion-Spring 1763-The British forts and settlements are being overrun by native Americans (Britain would not give them supplies and the Native Americans did not like that the British settlers were living on their land). Next was the Proclamation of 1763, which prohibits colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains in order to prevent war. Somewhat later, the Quartering Act caused the next way. That made the colonists angry that anyone was going to invade your home without permission.

Then there's the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act is a newspaper, wills, marriage papers, and card play. All of the things named in the Act were stamped indicating that the tax had been paid. Following the repeal of the Stamp Act, Parliament also needed funds to cover its costs in the United States. "Taxation without representation is tyranny!" - Quote.

Next, there was also the Boston Tea Party. As in the Boston Tea Party, the Imperial Rebellion led by the Liberty Sons. The Boston Tea Party (1773) was a colonial uprising against the Tea Act. Colonists dumped 342 tea chests at Boston Harbor. Intolerable Acts—British reaction to the Boston Tea Party. The British are closing down Boston Harbor and increasing the number of troops in Boston. After that, there were the Intolerable Acts. Which was the Punishable Act, after what happened at the Boston Tea Party.

Finally, there was the American Revolution. 1775-Thomas Gage, the British commander, found that guns were stored in Concord. April 18, -700 British troops are on their way to Concord. Paul Revere warns about the settlers. 19th of April-The British arrive in Lexington. 70 militiamen were waiting. Their guns refused to give up. Someone fired a shot, and within a matter of minutes, 8 Americans were dead. Concord-British militia forced the British to retreat.

This proves that the colonists had the right to declare independence from Britain. But also in the Boston Tea Party, they dumped tea in the water, because they hated taxes, they got revenge.


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