Effect Of Violent Video Games On Children Psychology Essay

Effect Of Violent Video Games On Children Psychology Essay
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

Many people believe that violent video games should be allowed. The reason being is because it appeals towards a larger audience. But it has sadly appealed to a much smaller audience. 

The truth is that violent video games are warping your child's mind. There have been multiple news stations that have reported multiple studies of how violence in video games can warp children's minds. And all the gaming franchises are all connected to try to manipulate and brian wash the children of the future. Even a game that seems to be meant for kids such as fortnite is a game meant to brainwash your kid of violence and use money as a way to lure them in.  Stories of  kids that now tell their stories of how violent video games have turned their life around for the greater good. How these violent video games have made kids lash out because of all the violence and hatred in the game that have brain washed them to make the kids think a certain way.  

We must not blame the children of the new generation for committing an act of violence. We must blame the companys and games that are brainwashing our children of this awful violence and hatred.  You half to protect the future generation of this world.

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