Essay about Greenland Exploring and The Devilsaur

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  • Published: 19 May 2021
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The Devilsaur was found on January 15, 2021, under a frozen lake in Greenland. At first glance, we assumed that we had found some frozen dirt in a block of ice. But it turns out that it was a new prehistoric sea animal that would be called the Devilsaur. This animal was curled up in a chunk of ice as if it was sleeping or hiding. We believe that with the cold water, he needed to try and keep warm, so he fell asleep and did not wake up. 

We know that this animal was a sea creature because of the gills on his side and the flipper he had for a tail. We also noticed that there was something small and round being covered by the Devilsaur. When we took the ice block to the lab, no one could believe us. We took him inside a cold room and put him on the table. Slowly we started to carve away at the ice until we could touch the animal's scales. After 2 hours we had taken all the ice off him and surprisingly he stayed intact. 

We started to uncurl the Devilsaur and we made a surprising discovery. The reason that the animal was curled up, was because SHE was trying to protect her eggs. There were 3 of them and they fit perfectly inside our palms. They were speckled and very hard. But the most exciting thing about this is that we may be able to open an egg and see what a baby Devilsaur looked like. One thing that is still bothering us is how were the eggs ables to survive and not burst from all the pressure?

Anyways, we have been permitted to open an egg and we are very anxious. When we opened it up we expected it to stink but it did not. It barely smelt like anything. But when we saw this baby we all fell in love. He looked like a baby duck mixed with a dinosaur.