Essay Sample About Voting

Would you rather have no say so in the way America is running? In America, it may seem like voting is not really a necessity in today’s world, which may be the cause why many people do not vote. We live in a democracy which is a blessing compared to other countries that live in dictatorships, they do not have a say so in the way their country is running. Educating the people on why they should vote will give them a reason to  

The first reason people should vote is because the community is counting on you. Voting in the community allows you to set the rules you want to live by not voting can cause substantial changes in your daily life such as how much you pay for taxes, education for the children in your neighborhood, healthcare and more. For example, a big issue now is abortion many people see wrong in it but me personally I do not. The government tried to ban abortion but people put in their two cents and voted, most likely because that is interfering with a women's health care and they have no right to do so. So, by voting you stand up for yourself and others around you and make a change in the world. 

The second reason is that why not just vote after all the issues African Americans, other cultures, and women have put themselves through to be able to vote and allow you to vote today. They fought long and hard trying to get in the positions we are all in today for us to not take advantage of the fifteenth, nineteenth and twenty-fourth amendments that are set in the Constitution. The fifteenth amendment gave African Americans to vote, the nineteenth gave women the rights to vote and the twenty-fourth amendment ended poll taxes which prevented many African Americans to not vote due to the lack of money some had. It is our Constitutional Rights so, why not just use what we can now to our advantage while they are here. 

The third reason is that we as a whole will be setting good examples for younger generations to follow in our footsteps. By not voting it teach younger generations that voting is not important and it is not needed, which means that there will be no type of change in the world in the next year, decade, centry, also what would happen as we continue to show our youth that not voting is cool or ok? Later on, as time goes on there will not be enough votes from around the world so only a small part of the world would choose who will be in the United States office, so if that happens that will sow our government has already fallen. There are many changes that need to happen now and in the future. If we educate our younger people and people that are not currently voting on how it could affect everyone that lives in the United States there would be a significant increase on the amount of people voting. People would know the consequences of not speaking up and letting your voice be heard. If we do not speak up then who will. 

In conclusion, everyone should vote if they are able to because everyone has the right to put their opinion into play in their lives. Every vote counts it can lead to a change in the big picture as a community, we should take advantage of this opportunity to make our country the best it can be. There will be profound changes and issues if we continue to show the younger generation that it is okay to not vote. 


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