Research Paper on Self Worth

Research Paper on Self Worth
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

How do we categorize ourselves in a world of false identity? Fake, stupid, fat, suicidal, ugly...words that are so wrongly meaningful to a person. If you can’t define yourself, then other people will. Self-worth is not how much others think a person is worth, it is how a person thinks of themself as a person that is unlike anyone else and that is okay! Self-esteem can be categorized as low and high self-esteem, which can have various causes and effects on both.  My cousin had some bad things happen in the last year. She got depressed, had a hard time in school, and had low Self-Esteem. One day she tried to take her life and failed. And thank goodness she did or she would not be here today. That event not only changed her life but others’ lives including mine. My cousin got help but it led me to think about how others go through that and the millions of suicidal attempts that happen. I am writing this for my cousin. I hope she has the brightest future. 

High Self Esteem:

High self-esteem is kind of like your own positive personal evaluation of yourself. If you have high self-esteem the happier you will be not only with your outer appearance but your inner appearance as well. Confidence is key. Only 2% of women reflect on themselves as beautiful. (Courtney Ackerman) That lowers the high self-esteem percentage immensely. Boosting self-esteem can lead to a better more confident future! Even though the world keeps changing, with effort self-esteem can change for the good.

Low self-esteem:

81 % of ten-year-olds are scared of being fat. (Courtney Ackerman) Low self-esteem can really hurt you. It affects how you see yourself as a person and how you interact with the world. Low self-esteem can literally hurt you. People with low self-esteem tend to hurt themselves or become suicidal. Low self-esteem drags you down! It is best to have good self-esteem so you can move on with life and become the best you can be!

Causes and  Effects of Both:

People with high self-esteem believe in themselves and other people more! They have a mentally safe environment that people with low self-esteem do not always have. People with low self-esteem usually have a negative source which can range from home life to social media, to bullies. It can get so bad some people can hurt themselves or become suicidal, so how you view yourself can literally change the course of your life. Dr. Martin Seligman, an expert on this topic says, “I am not against self-esteem, but I believe that self-esteem is just a meter that reads out the state of the system. It is not an end in itself. When you are doing well in school or work, when you are doing well with the people you love, when you are doing well in play, the meter will register high. When you are doing badly, it will register low.” (Positive


In conclusion, self-esteem can be very important to your everyday life, including how you react to things. Various types of self-esteem can have different causes and effects. You only have one life. It is best to use it wisely and do not let anyone or anything make you change to think badly of yourself.


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