Romeo And Juliet Summative Essay Example

Romeo And Juliet Summative Essay Example
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The infamous story of Romeo and Juliet. Why has it been so popular for decades? Do you know the privations that Romeo and Juliet had to endure just to have their “fairytale”, happy ever after? Romeo and Juliet’s love story has surfaced around the world for years and years. But not only because it is a love story. It is a tragic love story. The relationship between Romeo and Juliet displays how when an individual truly has the wish for something even if it means to breaks years of bonds, they are willing to make that sacrifice. Even if it means to go against your blood. The most essential theme that helps us understand Romeo and Juliet is the theme that one’s small action towards desire and happiness may result in great misfortunes. Shakespeare develops this by constantly putting Romeo and Juliet in a certain dilemma of their joy or other pleasure.

Throughout the play, we notice that Romeo and Juliet took many actions that can eventually change their ill-fated relationship. After all the privations that Romeo and Juliet went through, it all shows how they wanted something simple in the end. A merry life with the person they love. One of the most valuable events that occurred was when Juliet’s cousin,  Tybalt, stabs Mercutio while he under Romeo’s arm. Out of pure rage4 and resentment towards Tybalt, Romeo says, “Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.”(Shakespeare III.i.128) This specific scene in Romeo and Juliet is what started it all. This scene is also important to include because out of anger for Tybalt, Romeo kills him. After Tybalt’s death, The Prince declares that Romeo is forever banished from Verona, which leads us to think that he isn’t going to be able to see his soon-to-be wife, Juliet. Romeo's word of choice illustrates that he doesn’t necessarily fear death, but rather want revenge for his close pal. Although Romeo knew that If he killed Tybalt he would have to pay for his consequences, however, he still decided to sacrifice his euphoria for his friend's pride. In this event, Romeo had the choice of either move on from his friend's death and still being able to live in Verona to which he can continue to see Juliet, or he kills Tybalt to get retribution for his lifeless friend. 

Additionally, numerous people in the play also make it challenging for Romeo and Juliet to be together, but it’s even harder when it's your beloved father that tries to separate you from your true love. Capulet pressure Juliet to marry a guy he picked. Her father doesn’t support her wanting to get married or even be with Romeo in the first place since he is of the Montague family. Juliet’s father doesn’t care what she thinks about Paris or who she wants to get married too, he just wants her to have and Later when Juliet’s on the balcony, she says, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”(Shakespeare II.ii..34-36) This is showing how much Juliet is willing to sacrifice because of Romeo. She would rather forget about her past and family rather than lose Romeo. Even If Juliet doesn’t have her family’s approval she still goes on to figure out ways to stay with Romeo and to avoid the weeding with Paris even if that means that she has to fake her death for 42 hours. But even though a lot of people are on her parent's side there are still some pros to their situation. Those people that have to secretly support her love for Romeo are also the ones that are giving her motivation to chase after her loved one. They might be small deeds/actions, but without those small acts, Juliet wouldn’t have been able to strive to accomplish her happy ending.

While all this time Romeo and Juliet have been trying to stay together till the end and have a lovely ending to their love story there final misfortune comes along. Even though it was exhausting to keep fighting against their pre-determined, threatening fate they still gave it their all and tried to beat the odds, but unfortunately, they didn’t. While Juliet was “dead” Romeo comes to Verona in hopes of seeing Juliet for the last time. Romeo hadn’t received the letter that Friar Lawrence had written therefore, he thought Juliet was deceased. Juliet was Romeo’s only reason for living, so now that the love f his life is gone and no longer fighting the awful destiny with him, he decides to poison himself. As soon as Romeo is dead, Juliet wakes up from the potion that Friar Lawrence had given her, she looks down and sees Romeo unresponsive on the floor, she grabs his dagger and says, “This is thy sheath: their rust, and let me die.” (Shakespeare V.iii.170) The specific scene in the play shows just how far Romeo and Juliet would go for each other even if it meant death. When Romeo saw Julie supposedly “dead” he didn’t even hesitate to think that day would be the end of the road for him. when Juliet woke up and saw Romeo she had also decided to step down, if she couldn’t be with Romeo in the real world then she would rather not be there at all.  

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