The Tale of Meno and June

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  • Published: 13 March 2021
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A long time ago there was a miniature bird named Meno. She was a Spix’s Macaw. Meno was always an adventurous bird, and extremely kind to other birds. However, one day Meno was walking in her favorite forest. She then felt like someone was spying on her, but she kept going. Then Meno heard,

”Crunch, Thump, Crunch.” 

At that moment Meno tried to glide up, but in mid air a salesman called Mr. Soosh caught her. Then, he started to scamper away with her. 

A few hours later Meno had woken up at a park. She saw the man chattering to someone on the phone named Bob, or the person Meno is going to go to.

“Yes yes, I got the bird there is no way it can escape.“The salesman exclaimed. 

“Ok, I will come in one hour to pick up the gorgeous bird you caught.” Said Bob.

“What in an hour? Oh, yes!” Yelled Mr. Soosh in excitement.  

“If the lovely bird is not in it’s cage when I come, then you will have consequences.” “Hahaha, the bird will never escape. If the bird escapes, which it will not, I will um um. It will not happen. I promise.” Explained Mr. Soosh.

“Ok, but I am warning you. If the bird is not in it’s cage, then you will have consequences!” Yelled Bob.

“Yes yes, ok see you then bye!” Whispered Mr. Soosh.

Meno was wondering what was going on. It took her a couple minutes to figure out what was going on. Then when she realized that she was going to be sold, she started to overreact. The man then covered the bird up with a cloth so nobody would see, but what he did not notice was that the cloth was only covered from the front of the cage. Not the back. Then a couple minutes later, a little girl passed by and saw that there was a cage with a bird in it that looked very worried, and wanted to come out. The little girl’s name was June, and when she saw depressed Meno in the cage she went to help him. 

She came up with a very clever plan to get Meno loose  from the cage. Her idea was to distract the man by putting up a fake Spix’s Macaw in a tree, and then the man would go up to the tree and get the fake bird. Then, while the man was getting the fake bird, June would free Meno, and put another fake bird in the cage and run away with Meno.

That was her intelligent plan to steal Meno and free her.  After she thought about the plan she had to do it, so she was getting prepared to do it by getting her supplies. Meanwhile, The salesman that was going to get Meno was really close to the location where Meno was. So, June had to be really quick with the plan. Of course June did not know that the salesman was extremely close, but she did know that she needed to help Meno as soon as possible. 

 Anyways back to the tale, so June was getting the supplies (got the two fake birds) that she needed, and went up the tree. Then this is where June got so brainy. She got out her airpods, and hid it on top of a compact hidden branch by the bird. After that, June climbed down the tree, and got out her iPhone and played a video of a bird singing to fascinate the man.

” Hoo, hoo croo,” the video on her phone said. 

At that moment, the man turned around and noticed the other bird sitting on the tree branch. He grabbed some seeds from his pocket and scampered up the tree. 

When the man was almost at the top, of course it took a while, June went to Meno’s cage and put her hand out so Meno could climb onto her. Meno suddenly felt her kindness, like a puppy attached to the owner, and climbed on to her shoulder. Then they both walked back to June’s house. There June’s mom baked them some cookies. They were together living happily, until one day June’s mom told June while Meno was taking a nap that they are moving. June was very sad when she heard the news. That day June‘s mom said,

“June, I have. something to tell you.”

”What is it?” June wondered.

“Well“ June’s mom

“What?” June asked

“We are going to move to Macalania,” June’s mom said.

“No, I do not want to go!” claimed June.

“June, sweaty we have to.” June’s mom whispered.

“Ok.” June said as she maintained her anger.

That night June wondered if her mom would let her take Meno, and she also wondered if Meno would want to go with her. June wanted to ask Meno if she wanted to go with her, but she doesn't want Meno to think that she is taking her out of her habitat.Little did June know, was that Meno heard all of that, so she knew that June was leaving for Macalania. So, Meno told June the next morning that she wants to go to Macalania with June and her mom. June was very overjoyed to hear the news and so was her mom. So they went to Macalania, and lived happily ever after.

That was the tale of Meno, June and the salesman. The End.


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