Argumentative Essay About Uninformed Consumers

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  • Published: 27 March 2021
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For so many years there have been so many reports on uninformed consumers. Now you are probably what is an uninformed consumer? Well, an uninformed consumer is someone that posts a false advertisement for a company that is not really. It is wrong to target uninformed consumers because it is bad for them and the business. The 3 reasons why is because uninformed consumers waste money, it can harm consumer’s health, and false advertising can hurt kids.

The first reason is uninformed consumers waste money and BBC News wrote an article focusing on how consumers saved a bunch of money on false advertisements on generic products and national brands. The quote says “The report found that by sticking to generic products instead of national brands, consumers could save as much as $44b (£26b).” (bbc news). The reason why this quote was chosen is because this shows how consumers just how much they save on false advertisement on generic products and instead of national brands. Furthermore, it shows how false advertising is so much to save as well.

The second reason why It harms consumer’s health to lead-in to wrote an article focusing on false advertisements that are not real. So based on that this quote states “a California-based marketer of a supplement consisting mainly of Vitamin C and herbal extracts has agreed to a preliminary order barring him from claiming that it is effective at treating, preventing, or reducing the risk of COVID-19. ”(  This talks about how our health can be harmed when taking meds that says it can reduce the risk of COVID-19 when really it does not. Besides, this shows that they can not be honest with the citizens of the world and that they lied about even products that make us feel better like medicine.

The third reason is that false advertising can hurt kids to lead-in based on this quote one focuses on children under 12 years of age who can get involved in commercials. could explain it, even more, it says “However, the same does not occur with children, who are more vulnerable to persuasive messages because they are still developing. It is known that until about 12 years of age they have not developed critical thinking and therefore, are more susceptible to the appeal of commercials.”( This talks about how our kids believe commercials tell them. Even though in reality commercials want someone to buy their product. Furthermore, it teaches us a little bit of science that children under the age of 12 years have not developed that growth mindset or the critical thinking of what false advertisements are or what is an uninformed consumer.

But some people might say false advertising can hurt businesses to also lead-in Chron even wrote an article about how negative effects could happen with false advertisement. This final quote says “Your customers will end up wasting valuable money on something, which ultimately, really won’t meet their needs or solve their problems; ultimately, your customers might use the product without knowing the negative side effects that come with the product”(Nicky LaMarco). The reason why is relevant to the thesis because it talks about how false advertisements affect consumers, how affects businesses, what consequences you could have if you are false advertising, etc. so that being the case there are just so many issues you could get across with false advertising.

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