Effect Of Music On Consumer Behaviour Essay Example

Effect Of Music On Consumer Behaviour Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

When thinking about music, everyone mainly just thinks about concerts, bands, theme songs to tv shows, and their favorite music off Spotify or another media platform. However, we as a society, have taken music for granted in some respects and not associate it with our way of life. The question is how we have taken it for granted and where is it happening? The situation is occurring throughout the restaurants, bars, stores, and more that we visit almost every day in our daily lives. Music thrives throughout our marketplaces and cities to create an environment that captivates us, drives us to stay for the music, and convinces us to come back sooner than later.   Throughout the last week, I have visited two dine-ins, The Grainery in VWK and Au Bon Pain in Kennedy Union at the University of Dayton, and evaluated what the music does for the customers, the environment, and the effects around the location and compared them.

To start, I studied the environment and how the moods were set within two dine-in restaurants on campus. The environments at each location were set to be welcoming and implemented today’s culture with the music and relevant to the college students. With both venues, the staff interacted with the soundscape reasonably. The employees were active and at the level, each space wanted to present for their patrons. Au Bob Pain employees were calm and cheerful to help the patrons out and make them have the best experience they can with the music. The Grainery staff were all upbeat, which goes with their music vibe, and had been energetic to show they were happy and ready to serve. Within the environments, both venues had detectable sounds that were relevant while the time I was present listening to the music. None of the conversations’ sound was able to overplay the music but added a mumbling aspect to the music. The sounds at Au Bon Pain interacted with the music as the songs were classical and allowed the mumbling to blend to keep the music sound sensible to the environment set. However, at The Grainery, the mumbling affected the music with the choice of music and did not interact well at moments. An example, in Dance Monkey by Tones And I, the mumbling sounds brought the song away and were hard to blend. Within moments in the song, you could not hear the words clearly if you haven’t memorized the words like some individuals. Most of the senses were present in both venues as well like touch, see taste, and smell. Each venue had TVs on for students to watch while they eat and read what the screen is presenting, which brought away the music from the customers. Also, taste, touch, and feel were present people eating their foods and consuming what they have ordered. The music helps the customers give positive reactions to the taste of their food and feel the area is perfect for enjoying their meal. While music forms the environment and sets the tone of what the establishment wants to bring customers, music plays more roles that need to be evaluated.

Music itself can improve a location and forms the shape and feel that the business wants without editing, just the culture of the songs. For business, music has precise importance to define their spaces while promoting their selections. It is important for Au Bon Pain and The Grainery because they want their venues to be welcoming as mentioned earlier. If there is no music at a venue and someone walks in, their attention will wander off, they will hear other group's conversations which no one wants to eavesdrop on and not drive them to return to the place. For both venues I visited, the music helped create and craft an identity for their brand. Au Bon Pain with their classical music wants to feel like a café, bring customers of all ages, and feel warm, comfortable, and at ease. Au Bon Pain chose classical music to play in Kennedy Union on purpose to provide a calm space for people to eat while studying for a class that they are about to attend or do homework. As for The Grainery, the music is upbeat pop for students to bring them up and give them some energy after a day of attending classes. Pop music brings the culture of today for college students and is significant to what students must go through. While visiting Au Bon Pain, the music was calm and peaceful and made the patrons feel relaxed, humble, and modest. However, The Grainery’s upbeat music makes you feel energetic, happy, and spirited. During the time at each venue, I can say for both that I was aware of the music most of the time when I was focusing on eating my food or having my drink. In addition, if you were with friends, then for patrons and myself, the music disappeared while conversations started to emerge or when looking at the television. 

Au Bon Pain and The Grainery in my opinion, have hit their goal and scheme they want to set from their environment with their music selection blended to their venue. In regards to Au Bon Pain, the environment they have created with their music selection, made me feel inclined to stay longer because during my time there, it allowed me to check up on my thoughts and relieve stress that was gained through the school day. For The Grainery and what they created in Virginia W. Kettering, I was prone to stay longer and not want to go back to my dorm room. While at both restaurants I visited, I ordered a special grilled cheese from Au Bon Pain and Italian food from The Grainery because of the environment created with the music. After doing this evaluation, I have realized that there is more to music than I thought of before. Now, I have tried to think of what more music does and how relevant it is in each part of our society. As a saying goes “Without music, life would B b (flat)” and it is true to this day.

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