Research Paper: Non-Hodgkis Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkis lymphoma is one of the many types of lymphoma that exists (about 88% that are diagnosed have Non-Hodgkins). The difference between Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins is the absence of Reed- Sternbe…

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Pages: 2
Essay On Brain Tumor

I remember walking into the doctor's office that evening. I remember the doctor taking my parents back to his office while my sister and I sat in the lobby coloring, with the nurses surrounding us tak…

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Oncology Reflective Writing Assignment

These past few oncology lectures have been very eye-opening, I actually didn't even know much about the pathophysiology of cancer before these lectures so now that I know that pathophysiology I feel l…

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Reflective Essay on Thyroid Cancer

What is cancer, specifically what is thyroid cancer? These are questions I am hoping to answer with the writing of this paper. My interest in the topic stems from it being a close subject for myself…

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