Essay Sample: Say No To Drugs

"Drug addiction is a self-punishing disease that has a negative impact on emotional, psychological, and physical well-being," stated Dr. TP. Chia. Drugs will ruin your life, and also the lives of your…

Words: 342
Pages: 2
PED in Sports Essay Sample

Many people in today's society know about PEDs, or Performance Enhancing Drugs. However, many people still do not know the effects that they can have on an athlete or person, and whether they are good…

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Pages: 5
Essay Sample on Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

Lysergic acid diethylamide is a chemical that was synthesized by a German chemist named Albert Hofmann in 1938. This period was during world war 2 and Albert was based in Basel, Switzerland. This subs…

Words: 1270
Pages: 5
Steroids Persuasive Essay Example

We live in a world were people feel as if steroids for a sport is fair, or it is safe for your body to take in a forgein substance. While it helps your muscles get bigger and heals you faster when inj…

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Pages: 3
Cocaine Legalization Essay Sample

An individual's personal liberty is assumedly something of great value, and therefore, any interference with said liberty must require a moral justification. Liberty limiting principles were created s…

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Pages: 4
Research Paper Example on LSD

This essay will illustrate what LSD is, how and where it was first originated from, as well as the effects of LSD on the brain and how it affects the way we think, and feel. We will also analyze by wh…

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Pages: 5