Feminism Essay Example

Feminism Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

The name of the texts that will be analyzed are "Wimbledon has sent me A Message: i'm only a second-class Chisholm '' by Venus Williams, And Equal rights for women by Shirley Chisholm. Venus Williams is a woman who wanted equal pay because men got paid more than women. Shirley Chisholm wanted equal rights for women. These women wanted equal rights for women not men. They thought men were getting treated better than women.I think venus william more compelling presentation of its subject matter.

Venus Williams was a woman who wanted equal pay. She was also a tennis player so she wanted more money. People said women is less players than men so women get paid less. In the texts it says, "So the decision of the All England Lawn Tennis Club yet again to treat women as lesser players than men-undeserving of the same amount of prize money--has a particular sting."This shows she know that they treat men better than women. Women get paid less than men and she want to get paid more or equal to men. Another text evidence is, "Let's put it another way, the difference between men and women's prize money in 2005 was 456,000." This shows that women got paid differently than men, they got pay less.

Shirley Chisholm was a woman who Wanted Equal rights for women. She was an American politician, educator, and author. She wants some laws to be protected for hard working people.They say women don't have the opportunity that men do. According to the texts it says," Women do not have the opportunities that men do." This shows that she knows that men should have the same rights as women. They should always be the same and Women work hard just like men. She believes that all men and women should be treated equally. In the texts it says,"Men and women need these things equally." This shows she believes all men and women should have the same equality.

I think Venus Williams is more compelling because all the hard work women do, they should  get paid the same amount as men. If you play in any sports that's hard work. Just cause they think man work harder, they get paid more. In the texts it say,". Wimbledon has argued that women's tennis is worth less for a variety of reasons; it says, for example, that because men play a best of five sets game they work harder for their prize money." This shows they say men work harder and are supposed to get paid more than women. Women's double prize is less than more, That's not fair. In the texts it says,"And how then does the All England Club explain why the pot of women's doubles prize money is nearly $130,000 smaller than the men's doubles prize money? This explains that men and women should get the same amount of money, and not different amounts. Men get more money than women.They should have the same pay for all the hard work they do.

In Conclusion,Women should be treated and paid just like men. Men get paid more because they think women can't work hard. Women and men should have the same pay. Women should be able not not worry about how much money they have. Women should have equal rights,just like men.They all the same, Women can work hard just like men. So I respect bodybuilder womens.

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