Freedom of Speech Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: 14 January 2022
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My paper will be about how freedom of speech can allow citizens to influence laws in our constitution. Freedom of Speech is the act to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. Citizens of the United States use Freedom of Speech to speak out against the U.S. government because they think some of its laws are unjust. Free speech can influence laws by expressing to the government what their laws have done to harm U.S. citizens in the past. The speech can be used in protests such as the protest in Minneapolis about the murder of George Floyd or the Florida protests about Trayvon Martin. 

Reasons why freedom of speech is helpful

Freedom of Speech is a human right. It reinforces other human rights allowing society to develop what was used throughout history for a change. It has been used when women were not allowed to vote, and they had fewer rights than men. The speech allows us to listen to others’ views and opinions. 

Reasons why freedom of speech is harmful

Not only does freedom of speech has pros but it has cons as well. It does not always mean the freedom of all speech. With freedom of speech, it could spread false information to others. Violence and verbal abuse can come from it. 

Facts to assist my argument

Police brutality, public opinions, and economic circumstances are three reasons why people use Freedom of speech in various protests. People protest about these topics because certain citizens must face unemployment, the murder of innocent civilians by corrupt police officers, and the contamination of environments. The crime of police brutality caught the attention of Americans in 1963 and since then it has brought nothing but suffering and misery to American citizens. The police can avoid lawsuits because of a new judicial principle called Qualified Immunity. In the 1970s civilians protested on the streets of America about the Santa Barbara oil spill off the California coast. The oil reached 35 miles in diameter and was the largest oil spill in United States waters. It took about 45 days to clean. 


In conclusion, I think freedom of speech can influence our constitution because people use an expression to prevent police aggression. Police aggression is probably one of the main reasons why Americans protest. With free speech, Americans can convince the United States government to change its laws so that civilians won’t have to protest or use violence. Freedom of expression might give people a chance to remove our Constitution from its corruption and oppressive nature towards its citizens.


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