Important Episodes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Important Episodes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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Tegan Herring

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is full of adventures. There are 12 chapters in total. All of these chapters include a new adventure. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective in london. His friend John  H. Watson joins him on some of his adventures.  John Watson has the title of Doctor. Watson is the view of the book.

In Adventure I - A scandal in Bohemia the king comes to visit Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes becomes tasked with finding where  they are tasked with finding a Picture of the king and an opera singer. The opera singer plans to use the picture against the king as the princess he plans to marry. This episode proves that Sherlock can fail slightly sometimes.

In Adventure II - The Red-Headed League a shop owner comes to Sherlock to see what happened to a place called The Red-Headed League. They only let Red-Headed people in. The building mysteriously disappears so he asks Holmes to find out where it went. In this chapter there are betrayals. Teaches you you can’t trust one thing just because you want to.

In Adventure III - A case of Identity the groom of a wedding disappears right outside of the church. The bride didn’t know a thing of where he went and waited 2 years before asking for help finding him. Her stepdad didn’t approve of a husband of hers and the groom only showed up while he was away on travels. The bride’s mother approved of this man very much. Sherlock was very keen on this man and the way the bride was describing him. And very much figured out what happened to him while they were talking.

To conclude, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an interesting read. It includes many adventures alike and unalike. When I was reading it, it became a boring read as once you end an adventure you go straight into another. Without any break between the two. But I pushed through to finish the book so I can finish my projects. When I started the book it wasn’t as bad as when I ended.

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