Introduction to College Reading and Writing

Introduction to College Reading and Writing
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Here are some things that I learned.

The first thing I've learned is using P.I.E. which means Point, Illustrate, and Explain. The second thing is there is a difference between facts and points. The third thing is if you are going to write an essay, make sure to reread the directions to the assignments carefully, for example, don't use way too many quotes or use different types of evidence considered as an example, quotes, research, interviews, testimony, and surveys. And the fifth thing is following the three-step process if you want to have a great essay for your class.

How will this skill help me improve my writing skills is to keep the sentences and paragraphs short and simple. Also, trying to use key phrases, grammar, and punctuation and use powerful verbs, and using vocabulary in my essay. I want to show my teachers that I can do this because when I’m done with the ACT Program, I want to use the skills that I've learned in this class.

These writing skills will help me become a better writer, when I am doing something for school or in life, I’ve always tried to think about when the topic will be about. Sometimes, I tried to analyze books, poetry, and essays as I read them. I really hope this skill will help me out in college or in the workforce.

Brainstorming is a good way to start off with the essay process. When I do a project like I always struggle with writer’s block but I try to use these methods for example, Word Web, Free writing, Outline, and Listing. In conclusion, whatever method I will be using in my essay, I will try to do the best I can. If you I'm stuck on something, I will talk to my professor for recommendations and guidance.

Remember! This is just a sample.

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