Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Example

Have you ever heard of Martin Luther king Jr? If you have not, then I can tell you all about him! His actual name was Michael, not martin. He was a great person and did many different things like, Start protesting so white and blacks have the same rights, He started a march and encouraged many other people to help him protest. People loved him, well not everyone but a lot of people did. 

Michael was a great person, and he started a march called “March on Washington.” It was so that people would have the same rights, like protesting but they walked in a large group with signs. The signs would say something like “We demand voting rights now!!” and at the March on Washington he gave a speech called “I have a dream.” This was so everyone could have equal voting rights, and everyone could be free. They did not want to be slaves any more, they were tired of it. I mean no one would want to be told what to do all the time and barely have food. The slaves worked for people and did not even get paid, they just had to work more, it is like there was no end to it. 

Michael was a great person, and he was so fun to be around, He was caring and love, voting rights and freedom but, people were so rude and angry! Michael was super nice and a loving person. He just wanted to change the world and make everything peaceful. People helped him protest and loved his “I have a dream” speech. He tried very hard to help the world, then someone shot him. People were devastated 

The protest was horrible. It was not peaceful at all! The protest was for the same thing. He wanted to change the world peacefully and that’s why he had his “I had a dream” speech. It was 18 minutes long; He was super nice. He should've never gotten shot. It was so depressing and sad, all that work for nothing... Not nothing but he worked so hard for all of it and then got shot. 

In conclusion, Michael was a great person. He started a protest for good reasons he had a beautiful speech and started a march. He helped change the world in the nicest way possible.  He was very nice and loved people no matter what you did or what you said.


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