The Advantages of School Uniforms Essay Example

The Advantages of School Uniforms Essay Example
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📌Published: 30 March 2021

School Uniforms can help schools to create equality among students. Students joining schools are usually different in terms of their social and financial backgrounds. Educators, including teaching staff, usually make great efforts to promote a healthy atmosphere among students. uniforms can add important contributions to these efforts. For example, when I lived in the United Arab Emirates, my school had a uniform policy where everyone had to wear the school’s uniform. I noted that people in my class came from different economic classes, some were high and some were low.My friends and I knew that the uniform made a huge change in bringing students together ,as we shared the same feeling. We also noticed that uniforms strengthen the message that no individual is more important than the other. It resulted in equality and fairness. Another evidence is when I joined St. Patrick’s High School. I noticed that mostly  people were not focused on clothes or brands because uniforms were mandatory. This did not only create equality, but a community. I say this because students have uniforms so they  do not  notice people’s differences in clothes, instead they come together. By contrast, when I first came to Canada, I went to a school where uniforms were not mandatory. I noticed there was some separation among the students. In that situation the amount of bullying and disconnection began to increase. When students wear uniforms, it tends to be hard to spot kids with the most and least financial advantage. Uniforms can decrease and reduce the comparison between rich and poor students, which leads to a more social mix.Therefore, I think uniforms are a great and brilliant idea to create an equal and healthy community.

School uniforms can increase the energy of learning. At the point when everybody is wearing a similar uniform, students can truly focus on their learning, rather than clothes and accessories among their friends. For example, when my friends and I would have group discussion in class, we did not have clothes to notice, to comment on, or respond to, which means we spent more mental energy on learning. Besides, focusing on school and learning will increase the chances of good academic performance. According to research, school uniforms increase students’ achievement  by 10%.

Uniforms promote positive behavior amongst students . By wearing uniforms students will pay more attention to their actions because they are a representation of their school. My own experience is a convincing example of this. When I used to go to a private school, uniforms were mandatory. I always liked to wear the uniform not because it was a policy but because the uniform was a symbol of unity in my school. Whenever our class would go on a  field trip such as the zoo or carnival, people would automatically notice our logos that were printed on the uniforms. We would act responsibly and respectfully because we were representatives of the school. Another evidence is with my friends and I. After school, we would go to a close shop that's beside our school. We would have our uniforms and made sure that we are on our best behavior so we can leave a good impression. We did this because people might have had a different opinion on our school, maybe they thought that our school wasn't respectful or considerate. Therefore, my friends and I made sure to keep a nice reputation for our school.

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